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Locke Hughes

Locke is the Lead Editor of the Pulse Blog at Oura. She’s a health journalist, health coach, and author of Melatonin: The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep. Locke has worked and written for publications including Shape, WebMD, Women’s Health, Greatist, Well+Good, NBC News, Oprah Daily, HuffPost, ThriveGlobal, and many more.

All Hours with Oura: Meet Becs Gentry

The distance runner and coach had to learn to slow down during her pregnancy, and her Oura Ring was there to help along the way.

Friends wearing Oura Rings and celebrating at dinner

How Does Alcohol Impact Oura Members?

You already know alcohol isn't doing you any favors. But how does it affect your Oura biometrics? Here's what our community data shows.

Chris Paul Wears the Oura Horizon in Rose Gold

The Oura Q&A: NBA All-Star Chris Paul

A leader on and off the basketball court, Chris Paul turns to Oura to make sure all aspects of his training are on point.

Lindsey Vonn Wearing Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon

The Oura Q&A: Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

See how this all-time great uses the Oura App and Membership to stay on her A-game in fitness and recovery.

Woman Sleeping with Oura Ring

What Is the Average Resting Heart Rate?

There's a wide range of "normal" resting heart rates; here, take a closer look at the averages for Oura members across age and gender.

All About Your Resting Heart Rate

Find out what your resting heart rate tells you about your health, how Oura measures it, and how to improve yours.

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