Sleep & Rest

All you have to do is sleep—the rest will follow

Brighter moods, better energy, improved immunity— it all starts with sleep. Wake up to in-depth analysis about your sleep, so you can improve your habits and transform how you feel.

Man sleeping in a bed wearing an Oura ring.
Woman reading a book wearing an Oura ring.


Sleep Score

A lot happens while you’re asleep, and your Sleep Score is Oura’s way of making sense of it all. Your score is based on how long you spent in each sleep stage and key signals like how long it took you to fall asleep and the timing of your sleep.

A chart showing a sleep score.

Sleep Stages

Every night, your brain and body experience different phases of sleep that each play an essential role in maintaining your mental and physical health. Discover how much time you spend in each sleep stage (light , deep, and REM) and what it means for your wellbeing.

A chart showing sleep stages.

Blood Oxygen Sensing

Oura Ring can detect your overall blood oxygen saturation levels while you sleep. These measurements show how efficiently your body circulates and absorbs oxygen, making it a useful index of your overall health, as well as indicating possible disturbances in your breathing.

A message displaying average oxygen saturation.

Rest Mode

Rest Mode is designed for days when you need to take it easy. When you're sick, injured, jet-lagged, or just need a time out, turn on Rest Mode to pause your activity goals. Instead, you'll see personalized health insights from Oura to help you recover.

A message prompting to turn on rest mode.

The stuff that dreams are made of

With over 10 years of research and innovation, Oura is the gold standard in wearable sleep tracking. Sleek, comfortable, and accurate — it’s so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

    • Woman reading a book wearing an Oura ring.


      I used Oura to track which habits and tools helped my sleep, so I knew exactly what was working and what wasn’t.

      Rhonda C.
    • A woman sitting in a sauna wearing an Oura ring.


      Now I know when to slow down and rest so that my sleep and immune system stay healthy.

      Nicole V.
    • A man sleeping with his hand on his chest wearing an Oura ring.


      When I sleep well, I know I’ll be sharper and more present.

      Alec U.


    The power of your Oura data extends beyond your Oura App. We partner with some of the leading health and wellness apps to help you improve your sleep from all angles.


    See how your sleep patterns affect your daily movement and eating habits, and vice versa, for a more complete view of your health and fitness.


    Get a holistic view of how your unique sleep patterns affect your nutrition choices and how your sleep impacts your appetite.


    Connect your Oura and Apollo for personalized stress recovery insights and support throughout your day.


    A hand on a bed wearing an Oura ring.

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