Take charge of your stress

Oura helps change how you think about stress by identifying patterns and moments to recover and build resilience. Tracking multiple biometrics means you’ll get a clear picture of your physiological stress from day to day.

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Daytime Stress

By monitoring changes in your temperature, heart rate variability, and sleep, Oura helps you know when to focus on self-care and recovery. This makes it easier to cope and overcome stressful moments.

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Stress Resilience

Oura helps you understand how resilient you are to stress by evaluating the balance between stress and recovery and providing helpful ways to boost resilience.

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Restorative Time

Some of the best time is Restorative Time. It represents the parts of your day when your body and mind are recharging.

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HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

HRV is a powerful signal that reflects the heart's adaptability to different situations, providing insights into potential stress or sickness levels and overall wellbeing.

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You’re in charge of your stress

Everyone experiences stress, but you don’t have to suffer through it. Overcoming it starts with listening to your body.

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      Restorative time

      Oura shows me how my body copes and rebounds when confronted with challenges.

      Nima S.
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      Stress resilience

      Using Oura has made me more mindful of my habits and my mental health. In a stressful job, awareness is key to managing stress.

      Tricia P.
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      I’ve learned more about the effects of stress and the necessity of managing it through mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

      Hemang K.


    Oura helps you make the most of your stress data by partnering with health and fitness apps that provide helpful solutions and ways to find balance.

    Apple Health Kit

    Apple Health puts your health data at your fingertips, so you can connect with the apps you know and love.


    Oura recommends specific Headspace breathwork and meditation content based on your biometrics and how you’re feeling.

    Google Health Connect

    Health Connect gives you a simple way to store and connect the data between your health apps.

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