Over the past few months, we’ve added several new features to the Oura Membership — Chronotype and Body Clock, iOS Widgets and Watch Complications, and improved Personalized Activity Goals, just to name a few — and we have even more to share with the community very soon. 

However, each feature is exactly that: a feature. The value comes from the connections Oura members make between their data and their lifestyle; it’s not static—it varies over time. How?

Your health changes, both in the short term and long term. Oura learns more about you and adapts with you. 

Plus, Oura gets more powerful. As we release new and improve existing features, insights, and content, you have even more tools at your disposal to understand and take action with your health. 

Benefits of Membership 

Oura charges $5.99/month (or $0.20/day) for membership. Membership is not just an “add-on”— it IS the product. Membership is the continuous value you derive from Oura Ring, mobile app, cloud app, algorithms, personalized insights, and content. Membership is the community you join that is united in making health a daily practice to improve wellbeing. $5.99 is in line with what you pay for a gallon of gas, an oat milk latte, or a prescription co-pay. And, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

As I reflect on the value of Oura to me, I am reminded that Oura is:

A radar for my health. Several weeks weeks back, Oura prompted me to go into Rest Mode: my temperature had climbed and my HRV had dropped. My antigen test was negative, but I immediately isolated myself to protect my family’s and colleagues’ health. 

The key to improved sleep. After getting an Oura Ring, I experimented with different ways of getting better sleep, leveraging our Sleep Staging analysis and Trends views. As my sleep duration and quality increased, my mood and energy improved dramatically. 

A tool for managing my habits. For example, after a few months with my Oura Ring, I weaned off my coffee habit, using Tags to track my progress. My improved sleep metrics help me resist the urge to “fall off the wagon.” 

A movement coach and accountability partner. Oura’s tailored score insights and reminders give me the nudges I need to not sit at the keyboard for hours on end.

The objective data monitor I needed to start new routines. Seeing my heart rate, HRV, and temperature data after meditation sessions helped reinforce the health value of meditating

I’ve also had the chance to meet dozens of members of the Oura community and hear their stories: 

A member who realized she was pregnant via her temperature trends several days before a test confirmed it, and now uses it to stay active during pregnancy.

A young man who, after seeing his HRV plummet for a month, went to a doctor and was diagnosed with Graves disease; his Oura data now helps him understand how he’s responding to treatment.

An athlete who learned how to balance activity with recovery and started to understand how all hours of the day – not just the hours spent training – were impacting their performance. 

A physician who encourages many of her patients to monitor heart rate and restorative time to understand what stresses and relaxes them. 

So many more members who share that they drink less alcohol, sleep more, or have formed healthier habits with Oura

Read more stories from our community and share your own.

We are focused on delivering value for our members. Everyone at Oura is passionate about making a difference for you with Oura Membership. Membership is the experience we deliver to support you on your health journey, and we want to ensure it’s a worthy investment for you today and in the future. 

Where We Invest

We’re confident that you’ll see the value in your Membership and we’re excited to be on this journey with you. Now more than ever, we’re dedicated to our mission of making a positive impact on how people live their lives. Here’s a quick snapshot of where we’re investing:

Scientific research: We invest millions of dollars per year into scientific research such as the TemPredict COVID study, the Bump pregnancy study, and mental health studies. This research not only helps us create new capabilities and use cases, but it also validates the accuracy of our algorithms. For example, our research validated the accuracy of our Workout Heart Rate feature on all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale

Product development: We have hundreds of Ouranians who develop, ship, and maintain membership features. We’ve shipped several new features since the launch of Gen3 (see a full list below) and are only just getting started. 

Member support: While our support team was overwhelmed earlier this year due to unprecedented demand during our Gen3 launch, our investments have turned the tide, so members are now receiving the speedy responses, answers, and transparency they deserve. 

Cloud operations: Each day, we invest in the computing, storage, and machine learning that power your experience. This may seem like a small cost, but it adds up over time.

New Features 

To recap, here are the features we’ve added since the launch of Oura Ring Gen3:

New enhancements to your core sleep experience:

  • Blood Oxygen Sensing (SpO2)
  • Chronotype and Body Clock
  • Smarter bedtime guidance, with suggested sleep meditations
  • Sleep Regularity Index contributor
  • Sleep Scores for polyphasic sleepers and shift workers
  • More accurate sleep staging algorithm (currently in Beta)

New ways to track and tailor your activity:

  • Workout Heart Rate
  • Automatic Activity Detection, including location tracking 
  • Personalized activity goals
  • Integration with Strava to import and export workouts

New functions to understand your reproductive health:

New reports to view longer-term trending data:

  • Year-in-Review and Quarterly/Season reports
  • Oura Anniversary report
  • Reports hub for easy access to all reports
  • Trends in Home based on your focus area

New ways to understand your scores at a glance:

  • iOS widgets
  • Watch Complications and companion app

New content to educate and guide you:

  • Explore content, a hub for on-demand health content
  • Over 100 meditations, breathwork exercises, sleep stories
  • Several educational slideshows on topics like caffeine, alcohol, and sleep stages
  • 100+ new blog posts, about health, data, member stories, and more
  • Blog Card in your Home tab to keep up-to-date with new posts

New Oura Score insight messages, based on:

  • Workout Heart Rate
  • Elevated daytime heart rate
  • Cycle timing
  • Tags
  • Naps and sleep stages

New language support in the Oura App for French and Italian members (on top of English, Finnish, German, Spanish, and Japanese) 

New rewards for members when they refer their friends