Meet Oura’s leadership team.

Oura is led by a dynamic and diverse group of leaders, who guide our mission: to help people live healthier lives and own their inner potential. Geographically dispersed all over the world, our executives set our strategy, drive the company forward, and unite a growing, global team.

Tom Hale

Chief Executive OfficerTom Hale

Michael Chapp

Chief Operating OfficerMichael Chapp

Judy Gilbert

Chief People OfficerJudy Gilbert

Sean Brecker

Chief Financial OfficerSean Brecker

Holly Shelton

Chief Product OfficerHolly Shelton

Doug Sweeny

Chief Marketing OfficerDoug Sweeny

Dorothy Kilroy

Chief Commercial OfficerDorothy Kilroy

Adi Shammout

Chief Information Security OfficerAdi Shammout

Avonte Campinha-Bacote

General CounselAvonte Campinha-Bacote

Kate Brinks

Vice President of CommunicationsKate Brinks

Shyamal Patel

SVP, ScienceShyamal Patel

Lauri Vuornos

SVP, Software EngineeringLauri Vuornos

Tommi Heinonen

SVP, HardwareTommi Heinonen