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Take your heart health into your own hands

The wellbeing of your heart is one of the most powerful contributors to your overall health and longevity. With Oura, tune in to how your heart is doing today so you can stay healthy long term.

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Cardiovascular Age (CVA)

Your CVA provides insight into the health of your cardiovascular system. If your CVA is below or aligned with your actual age, it's a positive indicator of your cardiovascular health today and your long-term health span.

Oura app view displaying cardiovascular age data

Cardio Capacity

Your Cardio Capacity (VO2 Max) provides a window into the health of your heart and is tied to longevity. The greater your Cardio Capacity, the greater your body's ability to supply oxygen to your muscles during physical activity.

Oura app view displaying cardiovascular capacity data

Heart Rate

With 24/7 monitoring, follow your heart rate from morning to night to understand how your body responds to your daily habits, stressors, and environment.

Oura app view displaying heart rate data

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is a powerful signal that reflects the heart's adaptability to different situations, providing insights into potential stress or sickness levels and overall wellbeing.

Oura app view displaying HRV data

Listen to your heart

At any age, you can take action to improve your heart health. With Oura, you'll understand the messages your heart and cardiovascular system are sharing.

    • Oura member Dave K

      Heart Rate

      Oura essentially saved my life.

      Dave K.
    • Oura member Anne

      Heart Health

      I can see what my resting heart rate is, and how I am recovering from the everyday stresses of life.

    • Oura member Ted N.

      Heart Rate

      I noticed in the app that my resting heart rate had skyrocketed. I went to the ER, where tests determined I had A-fib.

      Ted N.


    We partner with trusted health apps to give you the clearest view of how to best support your heart health, longevity, and overall wellbeing.

    Apple Health Kit

    Sync Oura with Apple Health to connect your health data with the apps you know and love.

    Google Health Connect

    Google Health Connect gives you a simple way to store and connect the data between your health apps.

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