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Oura for Business

Empower your organization’s employees, event attendees, or patients with informative health and wellbeing solutions and insights.

Invest in the health of your organization

Daily health insights and trends encourage individuals and teams to be proactive about their health and performance. With a highly accurate wearable, intuitive app, and thoughtful solutions, wellness is within reach with Oura for Business.


Oura Ring and the Oura App

Oura Ring accurately measures over 20 biometrics including heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen saturation. With the Oura App, members can access daily personalized insights into their sleep, recovery, activity, stress, and more.

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Oura Teams

Oura Teams is an easy-to-use, web-based platform that allows account administrators to manage users, review group insights and trends, and visualize or export data.

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Oura API

Enhance your data, insights, user experience, and outcomes by seamlessly integrating Oura's biometric data with your existing platform.

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Bring the benefit of Oura to your team

Oura supports multiple pathways to purchase to get you what you want, how you want it.

Contact our team to discuss options for purchasing Oura Rings, Memberships, or gift cards in bulk, or to explore event support.

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    Gift cards

    Digital gift cards allow your recipients to choose their own Oura Ring style, size, and color.

    Order Corporate Gift Cards
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    Bulk orders

    You can receive volume discounts for bulk orders from Oura. Plus, gain access to exclusive content and events to support your employees’ health journeys.1

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Explore how we can help

From gifting and rewards, to population health and wellness, read how Oura has left a lasting impact on these organizations.

Gifting & Rewards

Employee Wellness

Human Performance + Recovery


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      I provide agency to my team to define their own wellness needs and rituals, and use the Oura Ring to help measure what matters: sleep.

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      Human Performance + Recovery

      My Oura Ring helps me recover when I need it most on or off the court and also fits in with my personal style.

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    87%2 improved overall health

    Oura data makes a difference. Teams that use Oura sleep better, effectively manage their stress, and improve their work productivity.


    Improved sleep quality3


    Improved stress management4


    Improved work productivity5

    Health solutions for every industry

    Oura is a trusted holistic health partner to organizations across a wide spectrum of industries — from professional athletic teams to government defense organizations and healthcare companies.

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      Ensure your sports organization’s team is always performing at their peak with Oura, which provides insights into how recovery and training trends impact overall team performance.

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      Business Sales

      Organizations can prioritize employee health and wellness by purchasing Oura Rings in bulk as a company-wide perk or event gift.

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      Oura enables military organizations to optimize training and performance by using precise, continuous data to prioritize rest, adjust training schedules, monitor recovery, and detect signs of illness, injury, and fatigue.

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      Health Care

      Oura arms research firms, academic institutions, hospitals, and wellness clinics with tools to accurately measure human biometrics research, implement simple solutions for concierge medicine, and manage care.

    New York Knicks
    Bristol City
    Seattle Sounders FC
    Washington Spirit
    US Army
    University of Virginia
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    Improve your organizational health with Oura

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