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Oura Integrations

Upgrade your Oura experience

Further tailor Oura to your health goals when you sync the Oura App with the health and wellness apps you already know and trust.


Your favorite apps are here, too

Powered by Apple Health Kit and Google Health Connect, the Oura App syncs with hundreds of health and fitness apps to give you a bigger picture of your wellbeing.

  • Apple Health Kit

  • Google Health Connect

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Learn how your eating choices impact your sleep, and vice versa. Track progress toward your nutrition, fitness and weight loss goals with a deeper understanding of your sleep patterns.


Get a holistic view of how your unique sleep patterns affect your nutrition choices, activity levels and menstrual cycle.


Understand how your sleep affects intermittent fasting, and vice versa


Women looking for a bigger picture of their health and wellbeing can sync Oura Sleep and Stress data to see how it affects their menstrual cycle, ovulation, and overall fertility.


You are in control of your data at all times. You choose who it's shared with, and when.

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Good things come in pairs

In the Oura App, navigate to Extensions to see which apps pair with Oura, including how to set them up step by step.