In our inaugural Year in Review, Oura members have been “sorted” into one of three Houses: the House of Zoom, House of Harmony, and House of Snooze. Think of your House as the area of health where you particularly excelled, when compared to other members’ aggregate data. 

“The seed of the House idea came from the concept of personality quizzes, like a Myers Briggs test,” explains Laura Furman, Senior Product Manager. “As people look at the Year of Review, we want everyone to celebrate their individual accomplishments and their unique strengths as an Oura member.” 

Read on to learn about your Oura House — and how to up your scores for the others.

If you’re in the House of Snooze along with 26% of Oura members, your high Sleep Scores show that you got superb shuteye this year. Sleep is the cornerstone of good health, benefitting both your mind and body in countless ways. Great job staying well-rested this year, and make sure to bring your good sleep habits into 2023! 

Read more about how Oura calculates your Sleep Score here

If, like 33% of Oura members, you ended up in the House of Harmony, thank yourself for staying in sync with your body’s rhythms this past year. Your high Readiness Scores showed that you took good care of your body and mind, made time for movement, and balanced it all out with rest and recovery. 

Learn more about your Readiness Score and its personalized contributors here

If you landed in the House of Zoom, which 41% of Oura members did, you scored in the highest percentile of Activity Scores — which means you’re probably reading this while planning today’s activity. A long run? Gym day? Active rest day? No matter the movement, you’re probably up for it. You kept things active this past year, and it showed up in your Activity Score.  

See how Oura calculates your Activity Score, and steps you can take to improve it, here

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