All Hours is a series showcasing Oura members from a variety of diverse backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles — an artist-producer, an Olympic athlete, a CEO. Each episode demonstrates how these members turn to Oura to inform the actions, routines, and decisions that impact their health, at all hours of the day.

Meet Sig Zane 

A child of Hawaiʻi, Sig Zane founded his fashion brand, Sig Zane Designs, in 1985 with his wife, Nalani Kanakaʻole. His distinctive clothing for men, women, and children features colorful imagery of native Hawaiian plants and flowers with the mission of celebrating and honoring Hawaiian culture. 

A surfer, fisherman, hula dancer, and artist, Sig derives inspiration from the abundant nature that surrounds him. “Nature offers an inspiration that is incomparable. You can’t get that anywhere else,” he says. Sure, you can see fantastic photography of plants, but when you walk into the forest, “when you’re breathing that air and you feel that energy, you become one,” Sig tells us. “And that is when creativity happens.” 

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Sig also uses Oura Ring to remind himself of the importance of recovery: “Since I started wearing the ring, it’s helped me focus on taking time to regenerate, to re-strengthen, to re-energize myself.” 

The simple form factor of the ring also serves as a reminder of what’s important in life: communing with nature. “Put aside the telephone. Put aside the computer. Go hug a tree,” he says. “Don’t wait until you’re 50, or until you’re retired. It will enrich your spirit, and fill your soul.” 

Watch the full episode below to learn more about Sig. 

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