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Oura helps you find your perfect balance - and stay in the zone.
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Whatever Your Finish Line, Get There Faster with Oura

With daily feedback to improve your health, Oura helps you better understand your body and reach your goals. You’ll be guided through an intelligent, data-driven plan to help you improve across the most important aspects of your well-being.

Beautiful, comfortable data

We’ve designed a stylish smart ring that tracks your body’s output, 24/7. Plus it’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Until someone comments on how great it looks.

We’re down with Apple Health

Oura lets iOS users seamlessly import and export data for a more holistic look at their health. Bring in workout data from your favorite fitness tracker or export key sleep and Readiness metrics – like bedtime, total sleep time and night-time resting heart rate.
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Hack Yourself

Love data? Go deep into the numbers with Oura Cloud. It's a simple way to see, interpret and engage with your data to experiment and fine tune your performance.
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