Understand what’s happening within.
Get more out of your sleep.

Every night, your body performs the equivalent of modern health miracles - everything from improving memory to producing cancer killing T cells. And while you sleep, your body is sending a flurry of signals. When decoded, these signals - heart rate, body temperature and more - communicate your body’s progress as it prepares you for the next day. And night after night, you sleep through it.

Oura interprets these signals so you can wake up to the insights you need to take on the day.

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Connect to your body.

You may hear that healthy is eight hours of sleep and 10,000 steps a day. But what’s right for you? And how do your habits shape your health? Oura empowers you to understand and define your health on your terms, based on your data. Oura helps you give your body exactly what it needs each day, every day.

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Tracking your health trends.

Harnessing the full potential of your body and understanding your health requires discipline, patience, and perspective. Oura maps your health data over the course of your use, focusing on long-term insights and patterns so you can build healthy practices—every day and over time.

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Deep sleep
REM sleep
Sleep efficiency
Sleep score
Sleep stages
Time in bed
Total sleep time
Wake-up time
Body temperature
Heart rate variability
Readiness score
Respiratory rate
Resting heart rate
Activity burn
Activity goal completion
Activity score
Inactive time
Total burn
Walking equivalency

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