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Integrate the Oura API to personalize your user experience with high-accuracy bio-sensing data in sleep, activity, reproductive health and more.

Why use the Oura API?

Screen shot of Oura mobile app showing Readiness and Sleep scores

The OURA API offers a wide range of health metrics. Whether you’re building a fitness, nutrition or wellness app, Oura’s API allows you to build unique experiences while generating personalized insights. 

Apps that integrate with Oura

Natural Cycles

Ways to integrate with Oura

Screenshot of Oura mobile app showing sleep activity data


Oura is a sleep lab on your finger. Using Oura’s best-in-class sleep biometrics such as sleep score, duration, stages, and awake time, allows for users to reach their rest and recovery goals.

Screenshot of Oura mobile app showing readiness score


Provide users with a holistic picture of their health by leveraging Oura’s Readiness data. Make use of Readiness score, resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and more.


Integrating Oura’s activity data such as steps, calories burned, and workout intensity helps users reach their fitness goals.

Reproductive Health

Oura’s API powers the world’s first digital birth control app, Natural Cycles. Accurately determine hormonal cycle phases using Oura’s body temperature data.

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Access Oura sleep and workout data with ease through Apple HealthKit and Health Connect by Android.


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