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Locke Hughes

Locke is the Lead Editor of the Pulse Blog at Oura. She’s a health journalist, health coach, and author of Melatonin: The Natural Supplement for Better Sleep. Locke has worked and written for publications including Shape, WebMD, Women’s Health, Greatist, Well+Good, NBC News, Oprah Daily, HuffPost, ThriveGlobal, and many more.

The Oura Q&A: NFL Player Damar Hamlin

After a full recovery from sudden cardiac arrest, Damar Hamlin uses Oura to understand how his habits, sleep, and training impact his health.

Turmeric Latte: Bedtime Snacks for Better Sleep

5 Bedtime Snack Recipes for Better Sleep

While certain foods and big meals are a no-go before bed, you have the green light to dig into these tasty treats that can help you fall — and stay — asleep.

Woman wearing Oura Ring at a dinner party

Longer Days, Less Sleep?

Here's how Oura members' sleep habits change during the sunnier summer days — plus, easy ways to optimize yours.

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