At Oura, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data, our involvement in scientific research, and our dedication to providing members with educational insights and tools that empower them to live healthier lives.

To align with our commitment to accuracy, research, and our members, we’ve partnered with eight world-class experts to create our inaugural Medical Advisory Board.

These thought leaders’ expertise ranges across topics relevant to Oura, including women’s health, stress, heart health, mental health, performance, and more. They will contribute their expertise to Oura’s content for our members, conduct research, and advise in development of features.

Get to know each of our advisors more in depth below.

The Oura Q&A: Preventative Medicine Expert Dr. Jake Deutsch, MD

The Oura Q&A: Stress Expert Elissa Epel, PhD 

The Oura Q&A: Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, Precision Medicine Practitioner

The Oura Q&A: Dr. Eleni Jaswa, MD, Fertility Specialist & Researcher

The Oura Q&A: Kiarra King, MD, OB-GYN & Women’s Health Educator

The Oura Q&A: Sleep Scientist Rebecca Robbins, PhD

The Oura Q&A: Dr. Christine Noa Sterling, MD, Board-Certified OB-GYN 

The Oura Q&A: Human Performance Coach Andy Walshe, PhD

Hear More from Matthew Walker, PhD, on Why Sleep Matters