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Lily Holmberg

Lily is a content strategist and writer for Oura's B2B verticals, including employee wellness, healthcare, research and more. She has dedicated her career to health and wellness, working in education and with premium, mission-driven brands. She has been a runner for over twenty years and is passionate about plants, cooking, mindfulness, hiking, yoga, and advocating for everyone to spend more time in nature.
Man wearing Oura Ring taking a rest on a beach, lying on his back with his eye closed.

Burnout to Brilliance: How to Make the Most of Your Work Breaks

Breaks during the workday support wellbeing, productivity, focus, and stress-busting that will help you stay resilient during the work week, allowing you to ease into non-work time and a better night of sleep while you’re at it.

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Energize Your Work Routine With Movement

Movement during your workday is essential for maintaining the health of your body and mind. Discover strategies to incorporate activity into your workweek.

Master Mindfulness for Resilience at Work

Mindfulness during the workday is a powerful tool for maintaining resilience during the workweek. With Oura, it is easy to add this grounding practice into your working hours.