FitOn, a leading digital wellness platform that offers a wide variety of premium content and unique social experiences, has partnered with ŌURA to offer an exclusive experience designed to support your Activity, Readiness, and Sleep scores – at no cost. 

With FitOn, you can work out anywhere with celebrities and world-class trainers who will motivate you to reach your goals. FitOn’s 15 million+ member community is committed to movement, mindfulness, and motivation. 

Below, hear from FitOn trainer Breann Mitchell about her experience with Oura, and get a peek into the Oura x FitOn content.  

Who: Breann Mitchell, 41, Los Angeles, CA 

Surprising Oura insight: I have always been a “good sleeper,” but I noticed early on that my REM sleep was lower than optimal level. Over the last 3 years, I’ve been able to tweak my habits and routines to increase this portion of my sleep and, in turn, improve my health and performance. (More on this, below!)

Breann Mitchell knows that sleep is the key to her daily fitness regimen. One of FitOn’s talented trainers, Breann has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She believes that daily movement is a key component to improving your mood, bettering your health, and achieving an overall happier life. 

How has using Oura had an impact on your own health journey? 

I have worn my Oura Ring every day since 2021! As a fitness professional, I know the importance of sleep, so it was imperative that I invest in a device that could help me track and optimize my sleep for recovery and overall health. 

What led you to Oura? 

I am a big fan of metrics, so this was a huge draw for me. Not only does Oura show me my daily activity, but it also provides sleep and temperature trend data that I find to be super helpful for understanding what is happening in my body day-to-day. I also loved the sleek design of a ring vs. a watch wearable that traditionally gave me a rash on my wrist. 

As a FitOn Trainer in tune with your health, what are your tips for Oura members to improve their activity? 

  • Find workouts that you love: This is the key to sticking with it long-term!
  • Forget motivation and focus on consistency: This is how movement becomes a HABIT! This is where you will see the most success long-term.
  • Prioritize strength training: Muscle mass is so important for our health and longevity. 
  • Don’t get lost in the details: Find a program you love, commit to pushing play, and stay consistent. Consistency over perfection always WINS! 

Breann’s Tips for Great Sleep:

  • Get 10-20 Minutes (at least) of sunlight first thing in the morning
  • Try to cut caffeine after 2pm (Oura’s Experiments feature is great for this!)
  • Wear blue light-blocking glasses when at your computer during second half of the day
  • Change your phone settings to reduce blue light, starting at 6pm
  • In the evening, turn down bright lights around your house
  • Keep your room at a cool temperature during sleep
  • To unwind in the evening, include meditation and journaling into your routine 

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Workouts to Boost Your Activity Score 

Four fitness instructors wearing brightly colored athletic clothes pose while wearing Oura Ring.

Ready to boost your Activity Score and feel great doing it? Whether you’re looking for a blissed-out yoga flow or a muscle-toning workout, you’ll find them in the FitOn app. Get started to check out the Oura x FitOn experience. 

  • Gratitude Flow: Practice heart-centered sequences and explore heart-opening postures that encourage you to embrace the beauty and abundance in your life.
  • Blissful Stretch: With a focus on chest, neck, hamstrings, and hips, this restorative stretch will loosen you up and help you feel great.
  • LIT FIT: This low impact cardio and bodyweight strength workout is easy on the joints but challenging for your muscles.
  • Low Impact Fit: This full-body strength workout will have you reaping the benefits of both strength training and High-Intensity Interval Training – and the best part about it is that it is all low-impact.
  • Sculpt & Stretch: Get that Activity Score up in this full-body sculpt where each exercise seamlessly integrates stretching for enhanced flexibility and muscle toning.

Meditations to Support Your Readiness & Sleep Scores

From perfect morning meditations to help you prepare to tackle the day to meditations to help you prepare for a restful night’s sleep, try these FitOn meditations to support your Sleep and Readiness scores. 

  • Inner Joy: Joy connects us to our radiance and health, so let’s get healthy together. 
  • Meditation on Softness: Think of this meditation like a warm hug from the best hugger you know.
  • Restorative Sleep: Feeling stressed? Need a sleep meditation that will help you in the process of getting your energy back? This restorative meditation will help you feel more alive when you wake up. 
  • Rest is Not a Reward: This meditation helps build upon the idea that rest is a right and fundamental need rather than a reward for how productive we are. If you experience feelings of guilt for resting, you may find this meditation beneficial.
  • Waking Up Grateful: Good sleep is a 24 hour pursuit. This session will set the tone for a beautiful day with this gratitude-filled morning meditation. 

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Choose Wellness, Everyday  

By prioritizing quality sleep, quieting your mind through meditation, and staying active, you can cultivate the foundation for physical and mental wellbeing. These habits, when consistently woven into the fabric of our daily experience, empower us to lead healthier, happier, and more vibrant lives.