It may not come as a surprise, but sitting at work is hard on your body. In fact, some office workers may sit as much as 15 hours a day, which can lead to a variety of health challenges over time. 

Integrating movement into your workday is crucial for maintaining health and wellbeing. By adopting a few effective strategies and cultivating new habits, you can effortlessly incorporate regular movement into your workweek, nurturing both your body and mind.

In addition to longer stretches of movement, incorporating as few as 5 minutes of movement for each 30 minutes spent sitting can be beneficial to your health.

And remember that at Oura, all movement counts. If you are not able to easily accumulate steps or climb stairs, anything that keeps your body moving is worthwhile, and Oura will give you credit for all of it. 

Strategies for Workday Movement

There are a multitude of ways to incorporate big and small movements into your work routine.

On Your Commute: 

  • Make your commute active by biking or walking to work. Take the scenic route, if possible, to enjoy a more pleasant walk or bike ride, also adding length to your commute.
  • If you drive to work, purposely park your vehicle farther away from your workplace. This will encourage you to walk more as you enter or exit the building.
  • Include as much walking and standing as possible when taking public transportation, or to or from your car.
  • Incorporate balance exercises, like standing on one leg or doing calf raises, as you wait for your bus or train.

During Your Workday: 

  • Skip the elevator, and take the stairs when you can. 
  • Consider walking meetings: if you are in person, ask your available team to walk with you to discuss a project or brainstorm. If you work remotely, consider calling in to meetings and walking while you listen in, when possible.
  • Stand during meetings or while on the phone. Shuffle, march in place, pace, or alternate standing on one foot during meetings.
  • When possible, walk to a colleague’s desk or office to communicate instead of sending an email or a DM.
  • Consider a standing desk, starting with a couple hours per day and then increasing, or even a treadmill desk, if your budget, workstyle, and baseline physical fitness allow. 

On Your Break:

  • Pack your lunch and walk to an outdoor area or local park to enjoy it.
  • Take a walk around the block or the parking lot of your workplace after lunch or when you need a break to clear your mind.
  • Try 3-5 minute exercise bursts throughout the day. 
  • Do some mindful movement such as desk yoga, tai chi, or walking meditation. (Mindful movement is great for stress relief as well!)
  • Consider keeping a set of light weights or a resistance band at your workstation for easy access when you have a few minutes to challenge yourself. 

Move with Oura

Oura is your partner in incorporating and tracking all of your daily movement. 

Incorporating regular movement into your workday is crucial for maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. By dedicating a few minutes of movement for every 30 minutes of sitting, you can counteract the negative impact of prolonged inactivity. Prioritize your physical activity and embrace this habit to enhance your long-term health, allowing your working hours to support your wellness goals. 

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