Oura’s mission is to give every body a voice. 

A top priority for us in fulfilling this mission is continuing to deliver meaningful products for our female members, including detailed insights and guidance about their unique bodies and overall health. 

Many of our game-changing features were made for women, by people who identify as women. We’re proud to have many women leading the way in the development of these features, including Holly Shelton, Chief Product Officer; Neta Gotlieb, PhD, Product Manager, Women’s Health; and Dorothy Kilroy, Chief Commercial Officer. 

As we continue to iterate on and develop health features, Oura places the utmost importance on ensuring that our members’ data is protected. Read on to learn more about what we’ve done — and where we’re going. 

A Global View of Women’s Healthcare

Historically, women’s health has been an underserved field in medicine, science, and tech, among other areas. 

“In science and research, women and people with menstrual cycles have typically been excluded from research studies,” notes Dr. Gotlieb. This has created a significant knowledge gap with alarming implications, such as overprescribing of medication and misdiagnosing of serious health issues in women.  

The education system is failing women, too: Women are not well-informed about their bodies, with research in the UK finding that one in four women do not understand their menstrual cycle. 

Oura’s Women’s Health Initiatives

Women’s health encompasses not only reproductive health — but a holistic approach to women’s overall well-being, no matter which stage of life you’re in. 

“Oura can be a critical partner in body literacy for women as they navigate their own health journey, whatever that may be,” Dr. Gotlieb says.

“As women, we often find ourselves not only caring for ourselves, but others as well — and caring for ourselves first allows us to better take care of others,” Shelton notes. “Oura’s role is to give women the permission, knowledge, and tools to take care of their bodies.” 

In fall 2022, Oura launched our initial women’s health feature, Period Prediction, which used key biosignals to provide a five-day prediction window for the start of your next cycle and period onset. 

In fall 2023, we released Cycle Insights, offering a more detailed way to track your menstrual cycle, learn more about each stage, and accurately predict menstruation based on temperature trends, not just a calendar. 

In March 2024, we will launch Pregnancy Insights, which supports women throughout their pregnancy with guidance and education.

Another area we’re working on is calibrating Readiness Scores with typical cycle changes. Historically, Readiness Score insight messages have not acknowledged the natural fluctuations in biometrics that a woman’s cycle can produce. Now, if you’ve opted into Cycle Insights, you may receive insight messages take into account which cycle phase you’re in. For example, one might note that it’s normal to have a higher-than-normal resting heart rate or body temperature trend during your luteal phase. 

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A Growing Ecosystem of Women’s Health Partners

Women's Health Month: Oura Ring

Oura is proud to integrate with a growing number of top women’s health partner platforms. Our goal is to meet women where they are on their journey, as well as wherever they’re currently tracking their health. Our current partner list includes: 

  • Clue: Clue offers accurate predictions and insights into your reproductive health, helping you understand and manage your menstrual cycle with precision and ease.  
  • Flo: Flo is a female health app that provides period tracking, ovulation predictions and health insights tailored specifically to you.
  • Glow: Glow is by your side in every step of your reproductive health journey, from conception to parenthood. 
  • Natural Cycles: Natural Cycles is the only FDA-cleared birth control app that helps you prevent and plan pregnancy naturally. 

Reproductive Health Research

Our science team is continuing to invest in research across the full span of reproductive life stages. “As we grow our knowledge of reproductive physiology and its relation to other systems in our body, we open a window to a better understanding of overall women’s health,” Dr. Gotlieb notes.  

Read more about recent research studies using Oura: 

Data Protection at Oura

At Oura, we believe that empowerment begins with ownership – particularly when it involves your personal data. This principle takes on even greater significance in the realm of women’s health. 

We are dedicated to the idea that you should be the definitive authority over your own health information. Our commitment extends to ensuring that you have control and transparency over your personal health data. We understand the sensitive nature of this information and the importance of maintaining its confidentiality and integrity. Our aim is to foster an environment where you feel secure and empowered, knowing that you are at the helm of your health journey.

In support of this aim, Oura adheres to some of the most stringent data protection standards globally, including the EU and UK’s GDPR and California’s CCPA/CPRA, among others. We’re committed to respecting your rights regarding your data, ensuring you have the freedom to erase, access, correct, transfer, object to, limit our processing of, and withdraw consent to process your information. Trust in Oura to safeguard your digital footprint with the utmost care and professionalism, giving you peace of mind and control over your personal data.

Oura also uses technical and organizational safeguards to keep your data safe and secure. These safeguards include measures such as anonymization or pseudonymization of personal data, strict access control, and the use of encryption to protect the data we process. 

Learn more about how Oura protects your data in our privacy policy

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