We are pleased to announce the addition of our first-ever Chief Commercial Officer, Dorothy Kilroy. 

Kilroy will lead the company’s Business Development, Partnerships, and Sales and Operations, which are responsible for the revenue Oura derives from partnerships, new partner channels, and B2B sales. As a first priority, she will focus on the company’s partnership efforts and execute deals that impact Oura’s business, expanding market presence, brand awareness, scientific credibility, and sales. Kilroy joins following nearly eight years at Airbnb, where she led the Host Community to 4M+ hosts globally, creating $180B earned by Hosts over her time with the company, leading the Superhost program, and building its gift card program. 

“Oura is at an inflection point in its growth trajectory where the opportunity to grow and expand in new directions is not only available, it’s imperative,” said Dorothy Kilroy, Chief Commercial Officer. “I’m excited to bring my perspective in scaling partnerships and processes to enable Oura to evolve to the next level by adding new channels and partners. I have been a long-time fan and member and am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Oura’s mission.” 

Kilroy’s appointment comes at a time of significant growth and momentum following several marquee partnerships: Gucci, for which the first run sold out so quickly that it was brought back by popular demand for holiday 2022; Strava, the most requested partnership by our members; and Natural Cycles, an integration with the first FDA-cleared birth control app that has so far tracked 200K+ cycles and 6 million temperature logs.

Building on the success of these partnerships, Kilroy’s vision hinges on creating an ecosystem of partners, doubling down on specific areas of focus, including women’s and reproductive health, metabolic health, and longevity, that will enable new use cases for the Oura Ring and the Oura App.  

“We take great pride in the strength and expertise of our leadership team and Dorothy encompasses everything we were looking for: impressive business development experience, familiarity with scaling growth companies, and a shared commitment to our human-first values,” said Tom Hale, Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve seen strong inbound interest from potential partners and are thrilled to welcome a seasoned leader to create and manage our partnership ecosystem. Dorothy will be a key driver of the next stage of Oura’s growth.”  

Also under Kilroy’s purview is the continued expansion of ŌURA For Business, a suite of enterprise solutions launched last year. To date, Oura For Business has worked with more than 200 customers in business, healthcare, academic and clinical research, and military, including Thrive Global, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, NASA, Red Bull Racing, NASCAR, USA Surfing, Noom, OWN IT (a MaxOne brand), University of Vermont, Clemson University, and the UFC to deliver useful and accurate insights that connect the health of each individual to organizational outcomes.