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Oura Team

Oura was founded in Finland in 2013 with a singular focus: to improve the way we live our lives. United by a shared mission to empower people to own their potential, the Oura Team is made up of scientists, engineers, data analysts, researchers, health writers, and more. We are here to help you navigate the vulnerability of health through personal guidance, and we all are unwavering in our commitment to accuracy, validation, and design.

The Oura Q&A: Rosario Dawson

The 45-year-old activist, designer, and producer shares how she uses Oura to track her sleep stats, reach activity goals, know if she’s getting sick, and more.

All About Cardio Capacity (VO2 Max)

Oura now estimates your cardio capacity, or VO2 max. Here’s why this health metric matters, and what steps you can take to improve it.

Oura Ring Cardiovascular Age | Man lying down with hand on chest

All About Cardiovascular Age

Using pulse wave velocity (PWV), the scientific gold-standard measurement, Oura’s Cardiovascular Age feature estimates how your heart is aging compared to your chronological age.

Oura Ring Cycle Insights

Oura’s Cycle Insights Feature

Oura's Cycle Insights feature empowers members to understand their cycle more deeply and how it impacts their overall health.

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