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Oura Team

Oura was founded in Finland in 2013 with a singular focus: to improve the way we live our lives. United by a shared mission to empower people to own their potential, the Oura Team is made up of scientists, engineers, data analysts, researchers, health writers, and more. We are here to help you navigate the vulnerability of health through personal guidance, and we all are unwavering in our commitment to accuracy, validation, and design.
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New to Oura: Cycle Insights

The latest evolution of our period prediction feature, Cycle Insights empowers members to understand their cycle more deeply and how it impacts their overall health.

What is HRV (heart rate variability)?

What Is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

Your heart rate variability (HRV) is a great indicator of how adaptable your body is, and it can help you detect stress and other health problems. Below, discover the answer to the question “What’s a good HRV?”

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How Caffeine Impacts Your Sleep

Whether you have one cup of joe daily or you sip triple lattes all day long, it's essential to learn how caffeine impacts your sleep.

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How Oura Can Help Monitor Illness

Your body is unique, and every person shows different patterns of strain, recovery, and illness. Learn how to spot yours.

Introducing Oura for Slack

In increasingly remote and hybrid work environments, Oura for Slack encourages co-workers and leaders to communicate with empathy and build a culture that is more connected, supportive, and engaged.

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