We’re proud to announce that Oura has signed the California Equal Pay Pledge, affirming our dedication to eliminating the gender pay gap. The pledge was created by California Partners Project and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, and we’re proud to join some of California’s largest employers in signing. But this is much bigger than just one state. Oura was founded in Finland and we have employees based around the globe. Our commitment is to all of our Oura employees. 

At Oura, being Human First is one of our core values, and for us, it’s simple: we build products that celebrate and support uniqueness, inclusivity, and diversity, and that starts internally with the culture we create for our employees.

Unfortunately, in our world, it’s not that simple. We acknowledge the impact of historical and psychological forces – including bias – that can lead to pay inequity. We design and run our systems and processes to combat these forces, leveling the playing field for all. We will measure and hold ourselves accountable to pay equity.

It should go without saying that promoting equity in all areas of the workplace is integral to our success. But that is not the case and we do need to say it – often. Creating a workplace where all people can grow and develop in their careers, and feel supported doing so, is not just the right thing to do, it’s good for business. We all win when women are heard and valued.

Women’s health is one of the areas we’re focused on as a company, and it’s imperative that our employees represent the members we serve: 

  • This month, we launched Pregnancy Insights, the latest addition to our growing suite of women’s health features, which are designed to empower every woman with the body literacy they need to care for themselves and understand their health.  
  • We have also integrated with a growing number of top women’s health partner platforms including Clue, Flo, Glow, and Natural Cycles to meet women where they are on their journey, as well as wherever they’re currently tracking their health.
  • Our Science team continues to invest heavily in research across the full span of reproductive life stages, recently exploring how meditation impacts stress and sleep during pregnancy and launching a new study with UCSF to learn more about irregular menstrual cycles and PCOS.   

Our values drive how we work and how we show up for our members. We’re dedicated to maintaining a culture that celebrates and champions all people.  

In good health, 

Judy Gilbert
Chief People Officer, Oura Ring