You know your body best — and Oura helps you listen. To empower our female members to tune into their bodies’ messages, Oura integrates with some of the top women’s health platforms in the world. 

Through these powerful partnerships, Oura members can dive deeper into their data and insights on their health journey. 

Track your cycle and understand your body with Oura
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Clue offers accurate predictions and insights into your reproductive health, helping you understand and manage your menstrual cycle with precision and ease. With the combined power of Clue and Oura, you can unlock new insights and discover your body’s unique patterns. 


Flo is a female health app that provides period tracking, ovulation predictions and health insights tailored specifically to you, making it easier to navigate your menstrual journey and stay on top of your reproductive well-being. When you integrate Oura with Flo, you’ll be able to get smarter insights and spot patterns in your sleep, heart rate, and activity levels.


Glow is by your side in every step of your reproductive health journey, from conception to parenthood. It provides personalized predictions and tracking tools, whether you’re planning for pregnancy or preparing for motherhood. You’ll also get personalized insights about how your cycle and stress levels impact your sleep when you integrate Glow Premium with Oura. 

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the only FDA-cleared birth control app that helps you prevent and plan pregnancy naturally. Harnessing the power of science and your body’s natural rhythms to analyze hormone-driven temperature changes, Natural Cycles offers a reliable method of contraception or conception, powered by Oura’s temperature trend tracking. This integration empowers you with a personalized approach to reproductive health.

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