Oura has officially launched Automatic Activity Detection, making it easy for you to get the credit you deserve for all your daily movement. Everything from subtle chores — like housework or walking the dog — to more intense workouts can be detected with this new Oura feature.

While your Oura Ring already automatically estimates your step count and daily distance, it can now detect over 30 different activities and deliver relevant insights after you’re finished. This new feature expands the list of tools within Oura that you can use to track your activity including manually logging workouts or importing data from Google Fit and Apple Health.

Simply put, Automatic Activity Detection is designed to make activity monitoring less of a burden, empowering you to focus less on manually “tracking” your every movement and more on enjoying your life.

What does it do?

  • Automatically recognizes and records a list of 30+ activities — no need to manually log or import specific activities from Google Fit or Apple Health.
  • Updates activity predictions based on your feedback, so it is always leveling up.
  • Provides relevant insights after you confirm an activity, helping you discover how your recent movement impacts your health and activity goals.

Read on to learn how you can get the most out of the new update.

What’s New?

Automatic Activity Detection is now available for all Oura Ring Gen3 members on iOS and Android.

Automatically Logs 30+ Different Activities 

“I’m going to get on the elliptical now!”

Beyond step-based activities, many wearables require you to scroll through an app and/or tap a button to announce your workout. Oura helps take that manual work out of the equation by automatically recognizing when you’re engaging in a list of over 30 distinct activity types — from running, cycling, and snowboarding to hockey, HIIT, and horseback riding.

Check out the part of the activity list below:

We will continue to expand the list with the help of your feedback; let us know your thoughts!

Takes Feedback, Gets Smarter 

However, these new automatic activity detection abilities go beyond a static list of activities. The more frequently you give feedback on whether or not Oura correctly identified an activity, the better your ring gets at recognizing future movement patterns. And, the new app interface makes it easy for you to confirm, edit, or delete any detected activities.

Don’t see your activity? Not a problem. When you manually log missed activities that are on the list of automatically detectable workouts, Oura is more likely to detect it next time.

Every step you take steps up your Oura Ring activity detection.

Provides Immediate Insights

When you confirm an activity, Oura delivers insights on the role that movement plays in the larger picture of your health and activity goals.

How You Can Use This Feature

Follow the steps below:

1.When Oura detects an activity, it will show up at the top of your Home screen the next time you open your Oura App. For Automatic Activity Detection to kick in, you need to remain active for at least 10 minutes, so Oura can identify your movement as one session. Your Oura Ring is always tracking your activities (giving you credit for calories burned and steps taken) but won’t register an official workout until you hit the 10-minute mark.

2.You have the power to confirm, edit, or remove any suggested activities. If your detection isn’t correct the first time, your feedback helps improve automatic recognition in the future. If an activity doesn’t populate in your Oura App, you can still manually log it, and Oura will be more likely to detect it without needing your help next time.

3.Immediately after you confirm an activity, you receive insights about your movement’s impact on your Activity Score, activity metrics, and overall health.

4.If you confirm multiples of the same activity, your insights won’t repeat on the same day. Instead, you’ll see a confirmation that those activities have been successfully added.

5. For all other activities that aren’t yet captured by Automatic Activity Detection, you can continue manually logging workouts or importing data from Google Fit and Apple Health.

Examples of Using Automatic Activity Detection

This new feature can be used in a wide variety of instances. Here are a few key examples:

When You’re Running…Around The House:

“Today was one of those days where seeing all my activities in Oura at the end of the day really helps me reflect on how every little bit adds up. I burned 3 chocolate bars just chasing my toddler around the house today and taking a trip to the park!” – Joey

“I learned how much shoveling the snow contributes to my calorie goals. I never thought about them before but, hey, I deserve credit for that!” – Benji

When You’re Trying Out a New Sport:

“I just took up open water swimming and, after the first few times I confirmed my activities, now Oura picks it up automatically. I almost never have to enter any workout info anymore. Oura has me figured out!” – Bri

When You’re Going Beyond a Step Count:

“Skating has been really in during the pandemic and sometimes I go on my lunch break. It is so nice to just start skating without worrying about whether it is tracking or not. I just… go.” – Alysse

Oura Ring products and services are not medical devices, and are not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease or condition. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult your doctor.

*Keep in mind that while you can wear your Oura Ring while doing most gym activities, like other jewelry, Oura Ring may become scratched if worn while lifting weights or gripping barbells or dumbells.