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Train Better Using HRV

Your body varies day by day, so why not your training regimen? Use HRV to get the most out of your workouts.

The Importance of Staying Active

Our bodies were made to move, yet our modern lifestyles have us logging a lot of sedentary hours. What's the cost?

Melatonin and Sleeping Pills

If you’re considering sleeping aids, understanding how they work may impact how often you rely on them.

The Impact of Caffeine on Sleep

If you want to keep your sleep cycles on track, it’s a good idea to understand how your genes, gender, diet, and dosage all impact how your body processes caffeine.

Managing Stress: The Mind Body Connection

When stressful thoughts consume your day, it can feel as though stress is strictly a mental problem. The reality is that stress materializes as both emotional and physiological symptoms.

Your Resting Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is the number of times your heart beats per minute when you're at rest. It's a good indication of your sleep quality, recovery, and overall health.

Using Oura to Listen to Your Body

Oura gathers and interprets messages from your body, empowering you to pick up on your internal changes over hours, days, months, or seasons.

Your Normal Body Temperature Isn’t Just 98.6 Degrees

Each day, your body has plans to adjust your temperature to follow your circadian rhythm by warming you up to start the day and cooling you down for sleep. Yet diet, exercise, hormones, and many other things affect your temperature.

Your Normal Respiratory Rate

Learn more about your respiratory rate and how monitoring changes can alert you to changes in your physical fitness, health, or hormone cycle.

Heart Rate During Sleep: Look for These 3 Patterns

By looking at your resting heart rate (RHR) curve, you can also see the effects of late meals, evening workouts, alcohol, sickness, or being misaligned with your body’s ideal sleep window.

What is HRV?

HRV can react to stress and/or illness before resting heart rate (RHR), which makes it one of your body’s most powerful signals—providing useful insights into your stress levels, recovery status, and general well-being.

Got a Theory? Test it Out

How to run an experiment with your Oura data and find out what works for your body and lifestyle.

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