The Oura App

April 24, 2018

The Oura App

The Oura app guides you throughout your day, helping you see the moments that matter, as they matter. In addition, it introduces useful data visualizations, notes and tags, as well as enhanced trend views of your sleep, readiness and activity data.

Here’s a summary of the features:

  • The new main view is your daily timeline, providing you with sleep and readiness data at a glance. Quick access to sleep, readiness and activity insights and scores. Share them easily with friends.
  • Add notes and tags to your timeline to keep a detailed daily track of your behavior.
  • Informative trend views of your daily, weekly and monthly sleep, readiness and activity data.
  • Your daily restful moments, such as naps, are displayed in your timeline and Readiness view.
  • Enhanced Readiness view with night-time heart rate variability curve and average nocturnal respiratory rate.
  • After the app has collected enough body signal data and learnt about your unique daily rhythms, you can get advice on the most suitable bedtime window for you.
  • You’ll need iOS 11 or 10 or Android 6.0 or higher to use the app
  • Especially if you haven’t used the Oura app before, watch the introduction to the new app.


Woman checking the Oura app on her phone

The main view timeline

With a completely new beautiful visual design, the Oura app truly matches the elegance of the Oura rings. It’s nice to look at, easy to read, and most importantly, it has enhanced features and guidance that help you to find your optimal rhythm for a balanced life.

As a result what you’ll get is a smooth sleep and recovery tracking experience, illustrating your data and daily guidance whenever you want it.

The Oura app main view

The timeline is the main view of your daily data and goals. From here, you can explore the moments of your day and get insights to drive your activity. Everything starts with your Readiness score and Readiness insight, guiding you to find the optimal pace for the day: is it time to break records, or perhaps relax and recharge.

Sleep has a remarkable influence on your readiness to perform, so below your Readiness score and insight you’ll find a summary of the key data of your previous night’s sleep. You’ll also see your sleep timing, helping you follow up and learn about your own daily rhythm.

The next element on the main timeline is your activity target for the day. This is a dynamic view, so you can easily follow up your activity target progress on the go.

When you want to dive deeper into any of the readiness, sleep or activity related data and insights, you can just tap the card and start exploring.

Bedtime approaching view on the Oura appOther dynamic elements on the timeline include tags and notes and manual activity inputs. These make it easier for you to keep track on what you’ve been up to. The tags and notes are particularly useful when you want to dig deeper into the possible causes for certain sleep and recovery related issues, such as variations in the amount of deep sleep or resting heart rate.

On the new timeline you’ll also automatically see your restful moments during the day, if you took a much needed nap for example. The app also shows you your lowest resting heart rate during your restful moment.

Bedtime window

We humans operate according to a 24-hour rhythm, also called as our circadian rhythm. Basically, it means that there’s an optimal time for everything: for sleeping, eating, relaxing, performing. Finding your optimal daily rhythm helps you get enough restorative sleep, recover well, and have the energy you need during the day.

When you take the Oura app into use, it starts to learn about your unique lifestyle and daily rhythms. After the app has collected enough sleep and body signal data, you can get advice on the most suitable bedtime window for you.

Readiness, sleep and activity insight cards and new data visualizations

Click on any of they elements on the main view to see additional details for your readiness, sleep and activity. You will also see additional insights which will guide you to make the optimal choices for the current day and following night.Readiness view on the Oura app

The sleep card insights tell you how your night was, what was your sleep timing and average resting heart rate.

Sleep view on the Oura app

  • Tap the card and you’ll get a detailed view of your sleep data, such as sleep stages, awake time during the night, sleep duration, and efficiency.

The activity card insights tell you your activity goal for the day.

Activity view on the Oura app

  • Tap the card and you’ll get a detailed view on your activity data, such as your activity goal progress in calories, kilometers/miles, and steps, as well as your sedentary time, and activity intensities.

In addition, you can now share your readiness, sleep and activity insights with friends! Learning together is fun 🙂

Notes and tags

Notes and tags are features many of you have hoped to see in the app, and here they now are!

Tags are a selection of some of the most common things that can influence your sleep quality, e.g. stress, heavy meals and alcohol. Notes you can write yourself, add anything you think is worth keeping in mind. Both tags and notes help you keep on track of what you’ve been up to, and find possible correlations between your behavior and sleep quality.

In the new app, you can now dive deeper into your data with daily, weekly and monthly sleep, activity and readiness trends. There are cool new data visualizations that make it easy to see if and how your key sleep, readiness and activity contributors change over time. By following up your short and long term trends you can learn how your body and mind react to your lifestyle.

Trends view on the Oura app

Trends are a powerful tool to truly investigate your data, giving you a look at how your body reacts over time. Don’t forget that you can always visit Oura Cloud to dig deeper into your individual data, by comparing different trends and looking at correlations between your readiness, sleep and activity.

Around the globe, in all facets of life, the Oura Community is overflowing with motivated people accomplishing some pretty impressive goals.

The new Oura rings have been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design in […]

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