Reproductive Health

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Oura Team

Oura was founded in Finland in 2013 with a singular focus: to improve the way we live our lives. United by a shared mission to empower people to own their potential, the Oura Team is made up of scientists, engineers, data analysts, researchers, health writers, and more. We are here to help you navigate the vulnerability of health through personal guidance, and we all are unwavering in our commitment to accuracy, validation, and design.
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Oura’s Commitment to Reproductive Health

Reproductive health will continue to be a top priority at Oura, and the recent Supreme Court decision makes our commitment more steadfast.

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How Oura Data Can Help You Understand Your Menstrual Cycle

Currently, there aren’t many available tools that can help you learn about your personal cycling patterns. Researchers at Oura wanted to help answer these types of questions by compiling anonymized data across 40,000 menstrual cycles from the Oura Community.