Who: Brooke V., 37, holistic health practitioner in Wilmar, MN

Surprising Oura insight: Through Oura’s temperature trend data, Brooke was able to track her monthly “episodes” with aches, fever, and fatigue caused by Lyme disease. Then, she was able to predict an upcoming episode and plan the days following accordingly. It’s also helped as she continues to experiment with different treatments and lifestyle changes.

Oura Member Brooke and baby
Oura’s temperature trend data helped Brooke track when she was ovulating while she was trying to conceive.

How long have you been an Oura member? 

Two years ago, I won a sleep study package and it included an Oura Ring. I fell in love with Oura, and soon after, I got one for my husband, too.

How did Oura shed light on your quality of sleep?

I didn’t realize how much my body was actually awake during the night. I always thought I was a restless sleeper but didn’t have the concrete data to know for sure. With Oura, I could see how often I was tossing and turning and how much sleep I was getting in each stage. It was eye-opening. 

I was able to connect the dots that on days I was more physically active, my quality of sleep increased. What’s even more surprising is that I’m actually getting better sleep now that I’m a mother. Probably because I’m so exhausted at the end of the day!

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How has Oura helped you understand and manage Lyme disease? 

Lyme disease has been such a long and complicated journey for me. It was common for me to have monthly episodes where I would experience intense body aches, high fever, and fatigue. With Oura’s temperature trend data, I can better anticipate when I’m going to have an episode and plan accordingly. 

Oura has also been a fabulous tool as I try different modalities and treatments. I can track how well my body responds to certain supplements and lifestyle changes. It gives me a good baseline understanding of what’s actually helping me.

How did you use Oura to support your fertility journey? 

When we started trying to get pregnant, I knew the exact day I ovulated thanks to Oura’s temperature trend data. We actually got pregnant the first month we tried, though it ended in a chemical pregnancy. We kept tracking my temperature with Oura, and three months later, we were pregnant with our precious little girl who is with us today.

Oura App Unguided Session Screenshot
Brooke turned to Oura’s unguided session feature during her pregnancy to help her slow down.

Do you have a favorite Oura feature? 

One of my favorite Oura tools is the Unguided Session feature. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or not well, I often do a 5-minute session. I practice deep breathing, close my eyes, and let go of my need to control. It’s a nice way to reset, and I can actually see how well my body responds to a session. I used this feature a lot during pregnancy because I tended to have a very fast heart rate. These sessions helped me slow down and breathe. 

What advice would you give other members dealing with chronic illness?

Know that your data doesn’t define you when it comes to healing. It’s a delicate balance of using Oura’s wonderful resources and letting go of the notion that you need perfect numbers to heal. Our bodies are designed to do incredible healing. Use the tools that Oura provides to guide and affirm you.

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