Strava connects millions of runners, cyclists, and more through the sports they love with their mobile app and website. It’s the world’s largest social network for athletes! Through Oura’s integration with Strava, Oura members can easily import their Strava activities into Oura and share their Oura activities into their private or public Strava feed, creating a more comprehensive activity offering.

“At Strava, we are always working to provide the 100M athletes on our platform with the best tools to power the activities they love. This partnership with Oura gives athletes the ability to seamlessly evaluate performance, rest, and recovery all in one place to get a well-rounded view on their health,” said Mateo A. Ortega, Sr. Director of Connected Partnerships.

All Movement Counts

Strava and Oura strive to make sure every movement counts — whether it’s a light jog or an endurance event. Both Strava and Oura members can rest assured they are getting credit for their activities whether they are wearing their Oura Ring or not, and Strava athletes to gain a broader view of their health by going beyond performance data to include rest and recovery metrics that they can easily share with their network. 

All Strava workouts will automatically be reflected within Oura’s daily Readiness and Activity Scores. Oura members can also choose to automatically share a selection of their Oura activities directly to the Strava feed, complete with details about their activity and their Readiness Score.

Share Your Oura Scores

When you share your workouts in Strava, you can add Oura Stickers (like your Readiness Score or your Sleep Score) to get credit for how well you’re recovering from your effort. Just make sure you’ve enabled Oura’s Strava integration by tapping Settings, then Other apps, then Strava.

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