At Oura, we’re committed to providing new and innovative ways to make your Oura experience even more seamless and enjoyable. 

In this roundup, learn about some of the newest additions to your Oura Membership, including Integrations, Discoveries, and the AI-powered Oura Advisor, the latest beta feature to explore in Oura Labs

And just in case you missed it: You also have access to two new heart health features, Cardiovascular Age and Cardio Capacity, which provide insights into your long-term health, as well as guidance to improve it. 


Integrations helps you take advantage of our growing partner ecosystem to gain a deeper understanding of your health. Featuring curated partner apps within four health categories—Women’s Health, Stress and Resilience, Fitness, and Nutrition—Integrations allows you to easily connect with new apps, as well as access apps you’re currently synced with. 

Find it in the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the Home tab. 

Available in US only, English only, iOS and Android


Now, you can better understand how your daily habits impact your health with Discoveries. Personalized discoveries will surface meaningful correlations between a certain tag you use frequently and a change in your biometrics, while Community discoveries reveal unique learnings across all Oura members. 

Available globally, iOS only

Cycle Insights Updates

We’ve made new improvements to Cycle Insights so you can learn more about your unique cycle, including whether your period is regular or irregular. Cycle Stats gives you a look at your typical cycle length, cycle variability, and typical period length.

Available to all members opted into Cycle Insights

New in Oura Labs: Oura Advisor 

Test out the latest beta feature added to Oura Labs: the AI-powered Oura Advisor, designed to support you on your wellness journey. Oura Advisor can help you tackle your health goals with personalized recommendations and encouragement, as well as answer questions about your Oura insights, all in a convenient chat interface.  

Available in English and iOS only

In case you missed it: 

  • Cardiovascular Age provides a look at how your heart is aging, relative to your chronological age.  
  • Cardio Capacity (VO2 Max) estimates your aerobic endurance based on a six-minute walking test (or your current biometrics, by default). 
  • You can now shop Oura Ring around the world at select Target, Amazon, Best Buy, John Lewis, and Elkjøp stores.