New to the Oura App, Integrations levels up the Oura experience by providing members with a seamless way to gain deeper insights into their health and well-being.

“As part of our continued efforts to provide value to our members, we’re launching Integrations, which allows members to browse and connect some of our biggest partners with their Oura insights,” says Dorothy Kilroy, Chief Commercial Officer at Oura. “Partners like Natural Cycles, Noom, Apollo, and Clue are all part of this update that brings your favorite health tools that much closer.” 

Located in the menu in the upper left corner of the Home tab, Integrations features select partner apps within four health categories: Women’s Health, Stress and Resilience, Fitness, and Nutrition. Integrations also allows easy access to the apps you’re currently synced with. 

Member Story: Oura’s integration with Natural Cycles provided Felicity V. with detailed information about her fertility. She conceived within a month of integrating the apps!

Overall, Oura’s extensive partner ecosystem has continued to see massive growth, with more than 800 partners (and counting!) and close to 400 API integrations. This continued momentum follows an already landmark year for Oura, featuring several US and international retail launches, new women’s health and heart health features, and more.

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