Introducing Oura Labs: an innovation hub for members, researchers, and the Oura team to work together to drive trailblazing new features that change the way we think about health. 

At Oura, we’re committed to continuously advancing scientific and medical research, so we can make a difference in our members’ health — and overall lives. An integral part of our science and product development, both for improving existing and building new features, is analyzing member feedback and aggregated data. 

A brand-new platform in the Oura App (currently iOS only), Oura Labs will allow us to do this in a streamlined manner, as well as provide greater visibility to members into our ongoing research and development. 

Why Join Oura Labs?

Take new beta features for a spin. When you opt into Oura Labs, you’ll be able to test and learn about select new experimental features currently in the research and development phase. You’ll find new products to test throughout the year.

Provide feedback as you test. We want to hear from you! Your comments and questions are relayed directly to our product and engineering teams. You may even see fast updates as our product team responds to and iterates on your feedback.

Participate in focus groups and surveys. You may receive outreach from our team (via email or in-app) about opportunities to take part in beta feature testing, focus groups, data sharing, and other research opportunities.

Be connected to cutting-edge research. Oura researchers and our partner organizations — from athletic teams to academic institutions to members of our Medical Advisory Board — work with Oura to accurately track biometrics in their research. Their findings directly inform our health product roadmap. 

Explore Symptom Radar 

Oura Labs Screenshot The first experimental feature you’ll find in Oura Labs is Symptom Radar

Symptom Radar gives you the ability to better understand and detect changes in biometric signals and trends that could put additional strain on your body. It monitors for significant changes across several biometric trends, including body temperature range, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability.

When it detects any signs your body is strained, you’ll find a notification in the Home view under your Readiness Score. When these changes align with how you’re feeling, you can slow down and focus on rest and recovery and ward off any harmful effects.

Note: When you enable Symptom Radar, it will replace Rest Mode prompts. 

While Symptom Radar shouldn’t be used as a diagnostic tool, think of it as a way to help you better understand your body’s signals. Always listen to your body first and seek medical care if you’re concerned about any symptoms.