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Recent news

While many Americans are struggling to lay off the snacks amid coronavirus state lockdowns, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has found plenty of ways to to pass the time.

Daily Mail UK

I recently found myself working 40 hours in only three days while writing and editing a draft—the high-intensity interval training of life as a writer. To help maintain the pace, I made sure to sleep for eight hours, worked out every day, and paused to eat the (at least semi-healthy) meals my husband made for me. But by day four, the words on my screen were swimming and swan-diving. My bullet-train hyperconsciousness blew off its rails. I was halfway incoherent and shivery-shaky. I was so out of it I tripped down three stairs, caught myself from falling the rest of the way, and then just sat down, bleary and mystified. I knew that if I kept going, I’d get sick or just shut down. To enable screen reader support, press ⌘+Option+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press ⌘slash


Even as the world we live in rapidly shape-shifts, there are certain, research-backed truths. For one, we’re all pretty darn exhausted. The 2019 Philips Global Sleep Survey released last year asked more than 11,000 adults from 12 countries about their quality and quantity of shut-eye, and only 10 percent reported sleeping “extremely well.” Combined with other pieces of glaring data about our lackluster REM habits, it’s imminently clear that so few of us are waking up well-rested each day. That’s why sleep wearables, like the Oura Ring, are stepping in to make sure we’re counting key somnolent metrics—like our latency, HRV balance, and body temperature.

Well + Good

Gain some extra motivation for your at-home workouts with our selection of formidable fitness tech, from the best trackers to a smart rope that displays your stats in mid-air and a bottle which cleans itself.

Harper's Bazaar UK

We're all sort of feeling it — the highs and lows of pandemic anxiety. One minute things feel hopeful while every minute feels uncertain, which can no doubt affect our mood and make us feel extra anxious. There's not a lot we can do about the state of things but we can do something about how we feel about it. Here are 18 products to add a little calm to your day.

Brit + Co

Okay so, it may sound like I'm being overly effusive about how curative sleep can be, but believe me when I say I am not even scratching the surface. After thousands of studies, it remains core to our physical and mental health at every level, from balancing our immune systems, our microbiomes, our metabolisms, our cognitive function, our dopamine levels and beyond.

Brit + Co

Researchers are gathering data from thousands of Americans to create an "early warning system" that can identify people in the early stages of COVID-19.

US News & World Report

Between the lack of widespread coronavirus testing and a growing number of asymptomatic coronavirus infections, tracking the spread of COVID-19—let alone containing it—has been extremely difficult. Reminder: People who are infected can still spread the coronavirus, even if they aren't showing symptoms. In fact, it's now believed that roughly 25 percent of people infected with COVID-19 may not show any symptoms of the illness, Robert Redfield, M.D., director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recently told NPR. In an effort to better identify asymptomatic people with the coronavirus, researchers are now exploring whether wearable fitness trackers—and the health data they measure (heart rate, sleep cycles, etc.)—may provide early clues for users who may be infected with the coronavirus but aren't aware of any obvious symptoms. To enable screen reader support, press ⌘+Option+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press ⌘slash


As scientists and researchers battle to understand more about COVID-19, consumer data is becoming an even more critical tool in understanding the spread of the pandemic. For researchers, the question then becomes, where to find this data? Existing technology companies are pivoting and repurposing to aid in the search for answers on COVID-19. Many of these technology companies have the consumer


Personal electronics makers like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung build fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearables to help keep us healthy by monitoring our activity. Increasingly, they’re also being used to identify and monitor the sick.

USA Today

As health officials were confronted this week with the possibility that as many as one in four people who have the novel coronavirus may not show symptoms, researchers are investigating whether subtle hints from wearable wellness devices could help identify asymptomatic cases -- a critical advantage in the race to trace the virus's spread.

ABC News

Since it’s still difficult to get tested for COVID-19, people are getting creative when it comes to self-diagnosing. For some, that’s included looking to their fitness tracker for early signs of illness.

Runner's World

Wearing a smart watch or fitness tracker helps many of us keep an eye on our activity levels, heart rate and sleep. Now, a new study from the University of California, San Francisco, is using a smart ring called Oura to determine whether data such as body temperature, along with a daily symptom survey, may be able to detect the early onset of COVID-19.


Poor sleep is fuelled by everything from auto-play streaming services to the rise in millennial anxiety. And yet, new and alarming research is telling us more than ever about its dangers, from higher rates of heart disease to doubling our risk of cancer. But now, coming to the rescue is a £100 billion sleeping giant, as tech titans and start-ups repackage rest as the ultimate wellness cure.

British GQ

We're all concerned about diagnosing the Coronavirus, so it's a shame Apple Watch can’t take our temperatures. Neither can an WearOS smartwatch or the Fitbit Versa. During a time when more people than ever are concerned about having a fever, it’s a shortcoming that seems particularly glaring.


Since it's still difficult to get tested for COVID-19, people are getting creative when it comes to self-diagnosing. For some, that's included looking to their fitness tracker for early signs of illness.

Women's Health

As America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, draws visitors from around the country. “Hospitality is the economy,” as city manager John Regan likes to say -- local businesses rely on an influx of tourists and spring breakers this time of year to survive.

ABC News

Emergency medical workers at two hospitals in San Francisco will begin wearing smart rings that can detect their body temperature and other metrics in an attempt to detect coronavirus infections early, according to a report from The San Francisco Chronicle.

Business Insider

Startups continue to find new ways to contribute to ongoing efforts to fight the global spread of COVID-19 during the current global coronavirus pandemic, and personal health hardware-maker Oura is no exception. The smart ring startup is working with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) on a new study to see if its device can help detect early physiological signs that might indicate the onset of COVID-19.


A new study will evaluate a smart ring that takes people’s temperatures in an attempt to identify people who have the new coronavirus early, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The Verge

Emergency medical workers in San Francisco are turning to an iPhone-connected smart ring to track their body temperature and other vital signs as a way to identify early symptoms of COVID-19.

Cult of Mac

Doctors and nurses at UCSF and San Francisco General Hospital will begin testing a wearable health device Monday that could indicate they are becoming ill from the coronavirus even before they feel sick.


At least 2,000 San Francisco emergency medical workers will begin wearing rings this week that track their body temperature and other vital signs in a first-of-its-kind study to try to identify the early onset of COVID-19 and help curb its spread.

SF Chronicle

We’re a nation obsessed with sleep – or, statistics show, the fact we’re not getting enough of it. Some 22 per cent of us struggle to drift off every single night in the UK, and a 148 per cent spike in NHS melatonin prescriptions between June 2014 and May 2019 suggests we’re heading towards an epidemic. While we’re frequently advised to avoid tech at all costs before bed to boost our chances of nodding off, there are some gadgets that can actually aid us in our pursuit of a great night’s sleep. Here, British Vogue highlights five of the best.

British Vogue

If you skip an hour of sleep, you'll likely wake up feeling more groggy and crankier than usual, but what if you end up missing out on two or three hours? Or what if that single skipped hour or two turns into a regular habit, where you are losing sleep on a nightly basis?

Men's Health

New Balance, the Boston-based athletic shoe company, wanted to help its employees sleep better.

The Washington Post

With tech innovation happening at an unprecedented fast pace, businesses and entrepreneurs need to stay abreast of the latest developments and find ways to leverage new technology to make life easier. For entrepreneurs especially, using the right technological tools can streamline work and free up more time, helping them attain that ever-elusive but much needed work-life balance.


Smart rings are still a relatively young category in the wearable hardware world, but the Oura Ring seems to be a standout in terms of early success.

The Oura Ring hardware is sleek and packed with sensors, allowing it to measure a user’s sleep patterns, take your body temperature and track activity, and now Oura has raised $28 million in Series B funding to bring on new key hires and product updates

Tech Crunch

The tech community has been vocal about its love of the $299 Oura sleep ring, and the startup has raised money accordingly. Today the Oulu, Finland-based company is announcing a $28 million fund raise from Forerunner Ventures as well as Dorsey’s company Square, among others. Oura has sold 150,000 rings to date and is launching a new website with articles on how to sleep better.

Fast Company

Oura, a Finnish startup that creates a smart activity- and sleep-tracking ring, has raised $28 million in a series B round of funding from Google’s Gradient Ventures, Jack Dorsey’s Square, and Forerunner Ventures.

Founded out of Oulu, Finland in 2013, Oura monitors the user’s pulse, movement, and temperature to deliver a “holistic picture” of their health. And unlike many other health trackers on the market, the device is not worn on a person’s wrist — instead sliding firmly onto their finger.

Venture Beat

New hires, branding efforts and academic research partnerships are all on the table for the smart ring maker's future.

Mobile Health News

While many direct-to-consumer upstarts matured and became viable businesses in 2019, hundreds continue to crop up in an attempt to disrupt categories across the board — from beauty and supplements to home fitness.

Business Insider asked 16 investors which DTC startups they think will blow up this year and why.

Business Insider

A slew of wearable devices from rings to wrist-worn trackers hit the market in 2019, claiming to help people learn more about their sleep.

They’re serving a big market, with research showing that more than 60 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. The so-called “exhaustion economy” is thriving globally, as consumers and even their employers are starting to pay for consulting services, special mattresses, and more.


One of the most impactful changes I have made lately is improving my sleep, namely my sleep timing. This was inspired by tracking my sleep using an Oura Ring. If you have not tracked your sleep, I highly recommend you do. Even though I am generally not a big advocate of tracking, this is one area I feel is worthwhile. In today’s episode, I talk with the CEO of Oura Ring, Harpreet Rai about the many health benefits of sleep.

Mr. Michael Ruscio Podcast

Tony Gonzalez, 43, may be retired from football, but he is busier than ever. Although he lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four children, he flies to New York every week during the football season to be an analyst on Fox Sports. He also has a new podcast, “Wide Open,” on how successful people tackle obstacles.

The New York Times

When the Apple Watch was first announced in late 2014, the general public’s reaction was, basically, “Why?” Why do I need a mini phone on my wrist when my phone is in my pocket? Why do I need to pay $350 (or more) for a step tracker when my Fitbit costs less than a third of that? Now, five years later, the answer is becoming clear: Thanks to rapid advances in technology, the Apple Watch and other wearable fitness trackers aren’t so much mini smartphones as they are personalized health-care devices, arming users with easy-to-digest snapshots of their activity and recovery data in order to optimize their health and wellness. And in 2020, new gadgets, features, and health-care applications for this tech will reach more people than ever before.

Well + Good

Meghan has had a definite impact on Harry’s health, promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle. And now he's been spotted wearing the Oura Ring (in addition to his new wedding ring!).


Last December, Jack Dorsey infamously went off the grid. For 10 days, he meditated in silence at a vipassana retreat in Myanmar, where he reported being deprived of devices and even eye contact. During that period, the Twitter and Square CEO unplugged by using his Apple Watch in airplane mode—to record the spikes in his heart rate as he meditated in a cave, at the mercy of hungry mosquitoes.

Fast Company

Jack Dorsey is the founder and CEO of Twitter. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Maybe you’ve even wished you could be him. Well, with a little (reader, it’s not that little) money and patience — most of the things on this list are back-ordered due to Dorsey’s recommendations — you can be.

NY Magazine

The whole world is exhausted. And it’s killing us.

But particularly me. As I write this, I’m at TED 2019 in Vancouver, which is a weeklong marathon of talks and workshops and coffee meetings and experiences and demos and late-night trivia contests and networking, networking, networking. Meanwhile, I’m sick as a dog with a virus I caught from my 3-year-old, I’m on deadline for what feels like a bazillion stories, and I’m pregnant, which means I need coffee but can’t have too much, and need sleep but can only lay on my left side, and can’t breathe without sitting propped up with a pillow anyway, since I can’t safely take any cold medication.


Oura Health, a sleep-tracking and sleep-improvement platform, just surpassed $20 million* in a funding round led by MSD Capital with participation from YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Sunrise founder Dave Morin, JUMP founder Ryan Rzepecki and others. This round comes a couple of years after the Finnish company raised €5 million from MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito and others.

Tech Crunch

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on a whirlwind tour of Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding environs. Meghan has been predictably helping brands sell out shoes and garments she’s been wearing at appearances there, thanks to the “Markle effect.”


The first generation of Oura's smart ring was little more than a proof of concept, showing it was possible to put a fitness tracker on a finger. But you can understand why folks might have thought twice about wearing one of the massive pieces of jewelry. Inconspicuousness is the watchword for the second generation of the device, which at least does look like an actual ring.


I spent a good part of 2016 writing a book about wearable devices, so I got to take a deep dive into each category of wearables. The more I dug in, the more I realized that they’re just not that useful. Smartwatches are second-screens for the notification layer of our phone, and function only as a reminder to stare at our phones during the few moments of our lives that we’re not already staring at our phones.

Fast Company

A Finnish startup called Ōura Ring has closed a series A round of €5 million to ramp up production of its smart, health-monitoring jewelry.

Tech Crunch

Press releases

World’s leading sleep improvement platform Oura Health passes $20 million in funding


Oura Health is now shipping in over 100 countries, enabling more people to join the Oura community


Oulu, Finland / San Francisco, California – Today Oura Health announces that it has raised $20 million to date. Its latest investment round was led by MSD Capital (Michael Dell) and joined by Steve Chen, the co-founder of YouTube, Kevin Lin, the co-founder of Twitch, Dave Morin, the founder of Sunrise, alongside the co-founders from Skype,, Casper, Soylent, Oak, JUMP, and Freefly


Leading athletes including Drew Brees, Apolo Anton Ohno, Shaquille O’Neil, Jimmy Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Manu Ginobili, Nick Foles, Earl Thomas III and creators such as Will Smith and Keisuke Honda (The Dreamers Fund), author Neil Strauss, author Sam Harris, and Chef David Chang also joined the latest funding round.


“We are thrilled to have such a talented group of builders, champions, and creators join us as investors,” said Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Health. “It’s amazing to see how such a diverse group of investors all recognize the universal importance of sleep.”


“Our mission is to improve people’s lives through better sleep. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than MSD Capital and Michael Dell. Their expertise will help Oura reach even more users around the world,” said Petteri Lahtela, Oura Health Co-Founder, President, and Chief Innovation Officer.

“I believe Oura has identified a challenge that faces us all, namely getting enough high-quality sleep. Oura’s design and technology show tremendous craftsmanship, and now more consumers around the world will be able to get their own Oura ring,”
said Michael Dell, MSD Capital.


“Oura has helped me realize that sleep improves my performance and investing in sleep can improve many aspects of my day-to-day life,” said Apolo Anton Ohno, an American short track speed skating competitor and eight-time medalist in the Winter Olympics.


“Sleep and activity are the most important variables in mental and physical health. Oura is the first product which has changed how I make decisions about both and meaningfully improved my life,” said Dave Morin, CEO, and Founder of Sunrise.


Oura is the market’s leading sleep improvement platform, providing:

  • The most precise sleep performance technology, tracking holistic sleep habits through 2 infrared LEDs that measure blood volume pulse directly from the finger’s palmar arteries (the most accurate source for heart rate and heart rate variability tracking); a 3D accelerometer and gyroscope that detect the direction and intensity of your body movement; and 3 NTC temperature sensors that track temperature variation.
  • Actionable daily insights through its mobile app that received a Red Dot Award for Product Design Excellence this year. Oura Cloud also enables leading medical researchers and professional athletes to customize their own analysis and sleep optimization.


For additional information:


Press kit with pictures


Harpreet Rai, Oura Health CEO


Oura Health Ltd. is a health technology company founded in 2013. In 2018, the company received the Red Dot Awards for communications design and product design. Backed by world-class investors, leaders, champions, and creators, Oura Health is headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in Helsinki, London, and San Francisco.


Oura is a pioneering sleep performance platform, focused on improving sleep that leads to a better life. The Oura Ring and app gives users daily feedback to improve their health, allowing users to better understand their body and reach their goals.

The Oura app has been awarded the esteemed Red Dot Award Communication Design 2018 for high-quality design and creativity  


The Oura ring also received the Red Dot Award 2018 for Product Design earlier in 2018


OULU, Finland – August 16, 2018 – Finnish wearable health tech company Oura Health has been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Award for Communication Design for their redesigned Oura app, available on iOS and Android. A jury of 24 industry experts awarded the app for its creativity and high quality. This is the second Red Dot Award in 2018 for the Oura solution.


“All those who progress through the tough adjudication process to garner a Red Dot have every reason to be proud of themselves¨ as the jury grants our award only to creations of high design quality”, said Professor Dr. Peter Zec founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award.


The Oura ring and the free Oura app help users improve their sleep and align their lifestyle to their natural circadian rhythm. The award-winning sleep improvement solution gives users personal guidance and feedback based on their physiology and sleep habits.


“Almost anyone can benefit from paying more attention to how well they sleep.  Together with the Oura ring, the Oura app gives users unique insights into their physiology, such as ideal bedtimes and long-term body temperature trends.  We’re proud and humbled that both the Oura ring and the Oura app have been recognized for their high-quality design”, said Kari Kivelä, CTO, Co-Founder and

Head of Design at Oura.


“We redesigned the Oura app from the ground up. Our aim from the beginning was to make an app that truly helps users improve their sleep.  It had to be easy-to-use, insightful but also beautiful. The work isn’t over yet but we’re at a great place to start taking it even further.” said Teemu Kurppa, Oura’s CTO Software.


The Oura ring is available starting from $299 / 314 € at


# # #

For additional information


John Cozzi


About Oura Health Ltd

Oura Health Ltd. is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2013.  Oura is the world’s first wellness ring and app that shows how your body responds to your lifestyle by analyzing your sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses in your body.  Personalized for you, Oura guides you towards better sleep, recovery and readiness to perform.  Oura has users in over 60 countries, and several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides.


In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award, Oura Health has received among others the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2018 and the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016.  In 2017, Oura Health was selected as the Best Health/Lifestyle Startup in Finland at the Nordic Startup Awards.  Oura Health Ltd ’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland.  Other locations include Helsinki and San Francisco


For more information, visit www


About the Red Dot Communication Design Award

In order to appraise the diversity in the field of design in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award breaks down into the three disciplines of Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept.  The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. In 1955 a jury convened for the first time to assess the best designs of the day.  In the 1990s, Red Dot CEO Professor Dr. Peter Zec developed the name and brand of the award.  Ever since, the sought-after Red Dot award has been the revered international

seal of outstanding design-quality.  Further information available at

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Download in Finnish

Company moves to 12.5M€ in total private funding and appoints new

board members with US industry expertise for latest growth phase


OULU, Finland (July 12, 2018) Oura Health , the Finnish health technology company behind the Oura ring, has moved its total private funding to 12.5M€ after the closure of a round led by US-based Bold Capital Partners and Finland’s Tesi . The funding will be used to scale US market operations and push the Oura platform forward.


The Oura ring and app guides wearers towards better sleep, recovery and readiness to perform by analyzing the body’s sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms and physiological responses. Former Oura Health CEO Petteri Lahtela will focus on developing new products and services in his new roles as Oura Health President and Chief Innovation Officer while continuing his position on the Oura Health board. Former Ouraring Inc. President Harpreet Rai has been appointed as the new Oura Health CEO, with US industry specialists Stephen Friend and Kevin Lin also joining the Oura Health board.


“The successful launch of the new Oura ring shows the level of innovation and craftsmanship that Oura Health is capable of. Moving forward, our main goal is to drive awareness and sales in our largest market, while doubling down on the very innovation that brought us here in the first place,” says Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Heath.


“I have great respect for Harpreet. He knows the US market and can lead us towards growth and greater market penetration. I’m excited for this next phase for Oura, and am looking forward to focusing on new innovative products and services which I am most passionate about,” says Oura Health CIO Petteri Lahtela.


Oura Health CEO Harpreet Rai previously led investments in technology, media and telecom at New York-based Hedge Fund Eminence Capital . He is joined on Oura’s board by Twitch Co-founder and former COO Kevin Lin, and M.D., Ph.D. Stephen H. Friend, Chairman of the Board and Past-President of Sage Bionetworks , a non-profit organization that provides the tools and environment to conduct dynamic, large-scale collaborative biomedical research. Approximately 60% of active Oura users and pre-orders for the new Oura ring originate from the US.

“Oura has built an extremely capable team that combines and harnesses technological, commercial and design expertise. There has been strong demand for the new ring. Meanwhile, both operative and governance changes within the company will boost Oura’s growth and development. Finland is home to a number of international brands famous for products and services based on biometric measuring. Oura has all the resources needed to join this elite band,” says Jussi Sainiemi , Investment Director at Tesi.


“We have succeeded in creating a new category within wearables. We combined science, technology and design with ultimate wearing comfort. Bringing sleep and recovery from daily mental and physical strain into the core of the user experience with the first generation Oura ring was the right choice. Our users are very committed and our retention rates are much higher compared to wearables in general. We need to continue innovating in all areas to maintain our pioneering position,” concludes Lahtela.


Mr. Kevin Lin , the co-founder and former COO of Twitch, has been appointed chairman of the board. He brings along his vast experience in scaling teams, building communities, growing sales and developing monetization strategies based on his experience at Twitch. He also notably raised multiple rounds of funding and delivered significant shareholder value with Twitch’s exit to Amazon. M.D., Ph.D. Stephen H. Friend is the Chairman of the Board and Past-President of Sage Bionetworks, a non-profit organization that provides the tools and environment to conduct dynamic, large-scale collaborative biomedical research. Dr. Friend was most recently at Apple Inc. where he worked on ways to impact people’s lives in health and disease. Currently he’s designing a virtual institute to explore fundamental issues around how to make individual symptom predictions and how to return agency to individuals so they might navigate their own paths between health and disease.


Harpreet Rai is based in San Francisco and has a long background in finance. He was previously at Eminence Capital for 9 years, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in New York City, where he led investments in technology, media and telecom. Prior to Eminence, Harpreet was at Morgan Stanley in their M&A group. Harpreet Rai joined Ouraring Inc., Oura Health’s US subsidiary, as President in 2017 and succeeds Petteri Lahtela as the new CEO, effective June 1st, 2018.


For additional information

John Cozzi:


About Oura Health Ltd.

Oura Health Ltd. is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2013. Oura is the world’s first wellness ring and app that shows how your body responds to your lifestyle by analyzing your sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses in your body. Personalized for you, Oura guides you towards better sleep, recovery and readiness to perform. Oura has users in over 60 countries, and several top universities,

research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides.


In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award, Oura Health has received among others the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016. In 2017, Oura Health was selected as the Best Health/Lifestyle Startup in Finland at the Nordic Startup Awards. Oura Health Ltd.’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki and San Francisco. For more information, visit .

About BOLD Capital Partners

BOLD Capital Partners (“BOLD”), is a venture capital firm targeting investments in early stage and growth technology companies. BOLD is particularly interested in entrepreneurial leaders that leverage exponential technologies to transform the world and create innovative solutions to humanities’ grand challenges. The investment platform leverages the resources of Singularity University and the Peter Diamandis ecosystem to actively seek and support world-class entrepreneurs. BOLD has offices in Santa Monica and Palo Alto, California.


About Tesi

Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) is a venture capital and private equity company that accelerates companies’ success stories by investing in them directly and via funds. Tesi always invests together with other investors, providing them with access to high quality deal-flow in Finland. Our investments under management total €1.2 billion and we have altogether 700 companies in portfolio. and @TesiFII

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Oura Health, the Finnish health technology company, announces the world’s most Advanced wearable that helps you achieve restorative sleep. The new truly ring-sized Oura ring helps users sleep better and align to their natural circadian rhythm.




Today, Oura Health announced their second-generation smart ring that tracks sleep, recovery and daily activities: the new Oura ring. The new ring and the companion app offer daily advice to help users learn how to get more restorative sleep and align their lifestyle to their natural circadian rhythm. The guidance helps users understand how their body responds to their lifestyle. By analyzing sleep, activity levels and physiological responses of the body it provides personalized insights to maintain good health and optimal performance.


The second-generation Oura ring is less than half the size of the original ring and has a seven day battery life. Oura’s sleep analysis has been independently validated by SRI International . The data provided by the Oura ring helps users live a better life, with in-depth sleep improvement programs and personalized circadian alignment guidance, which helps users understand their optimal times for sleeping, working out, and even eating.


“The new Oura ring uniquely combines beautiful design and pioneering technology with ultimate wearing comfort and scientific accuracy. The new ring is a real leap forward in technology – its processing power is ten-fold compared to the first Oura ring and even with added functionality the battery lasts up to one week with a single charge, ” says Kari Kivelä, CTO, Head of Design and Co-Founder at Oura Health.


During the night, the new Oura ring tracks sleep quality, sleep stages (deep, REM, light and wakefulness), ECG level resting heart rate and heart rate variability as well as body temperature. With the new ring, users can also see their resting heart rate and heart rate variability on-demand during the day, for example during naps, meditation or breathing and relaxation exercises.


The new Oura ring builds on the success of the pioneering first-generation Oura ring.“ Since 2015 we have already helped users in over 50 countries achieve better sleep and performance. We are very grateful for all the devoted customers and high user satisfaction, proven by the retention rates that are three times higher compared to other wearables,” says Petteri Lahtela, CEO and Co-Founder at Oura Health.


The new Oura ring is the world’s first consumer-available wearable that offers guidance on how to improve the individual circadian alignment. The circadian rhythm is the body’s natural 24-hour clock that affects everything you do: when it would be optimal for you to sleep, rest, eat, and move. The new Oura ring helps you better align your lifestyle, activities and sleep habits to your unique and natural circadian rhythm. For example, Oura helps you find your optimal bedtime to ensure more restorative sleep and good recovery from daily mental and physical strain.


The new Oura ring is available for preorder at . The new ring is made of titanium, it’s water resistant up 100 meters (328 ft.) and it comes in three unique designs and four color options


About Oura Health Ltd.

Oura Health Ltd. is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2013. Oura has users in over 50 countries, and several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides. In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award, Oura Health has received among others the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016. This year Oura Health was selected as the Best Health/Lifestyle Startup in Finland at the Nordic Startup Awards. Oura Health Ltd.’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki, Utrecht (Netherlands) and San Francisco. For more information, visit


Media Contact and Press Kit

Contact Virpi Tuomivaara:

  • More about Oura’s advanced sleep tracking and circadian alignment
  • Technical specifications
  • Images and logos

Download in English
Download in Finnish

The new Oura ring comes with advanced sleep tracking features and daily guidance that helps users align their lifestyle, activities and sleep habits to their natural circadian rhythm – the 24-hour genetic clock that regulates the functions of the human body. Improving sleep and better aligning to your natural circadian rhythm can help users perform better at work, improve their athletic performance and live life at their full capacity.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

The new Oura ring builds on the success of the pioneering first-generation Oura ring. It tracks sleep timing, sleep stages, night-time resting heart rate and heart rate variability, among other metrics. An improved temperature sensor is capable of tracking changes in nocturnal skin temperature with at least a 0.05 centigrade resolution.

Using the free Oura app (iOS and Android), users can get an overview of their previous night’s sleep and sleep quality. The new ring will be accompanied by the updated Oura app that enables users to follow up on long-term trends and see changes over weeks, months and years.

“Improving sleep is not a one-off feat. It’s a commitment,” says Kari Kivelä, the Co-Founder and Head of Design at Oura. “To make lasting changes and see results, the sleep monitor has to be durable, beautifully designed and comfortable to wear day and night. The new Oura ring gives users the ability to track their sleep, learn about their unique sleeping patterns, make changes in

their daily lives and see them reflected in their sleep and readiness. It’s the perfect tool for self-reflection and improvement.”

Oura’s sleep analysis has been independently validated by SRI International. The new ring is set to bring even better accuracy and make it the go-to tool for longitudinal sleep research as well as the perfect validation tool for biohackers and discerning individuals.

Align to Your Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is the body’s natural 24-hour clock that affects everything we do: when we should sleep, eat, rest and move. Studies have linked circadian alignment with better mood, and better cardiovascular and metabolic health. The new Oura ring is the first consumer-available wearable that offers guidance on how to improve your circadian alignment. The guidance is based on the user’s personal sleep, activity and physiological responses tracked over weeks and months. Oura will identify optimal bedtimes, identify and promote sleep improving habits and provide personalized activity guidance.

“The new Oura ring is the future of sleep tracking and guidance. It’s the first truly personal and actionable device for improving sleep and aligning with your circadian rhythm,” says Hannu Kinnunen, the Chief Scientist at Oura. “What makes this possible is our database of over a million individual nights. We can utilize machine-learning to uncover previously hidden trends and patterns to serve individual people and help them understand themselves better.”

“We are all unique, with our own unique rhythms but society has a tendency to favor morning people. As a result many live and sleep out of sync with their natural circadian rhythm. We are about to change that. This is the first time that we can start pointing out the best time to go to sleep, be active and recover. Not for averages, or ideals – but you,” says Hannu Kinnunen.

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Moment offers on-demand meditation tracking by measuring resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV), two data points highly correlated with stress and heart health. Oura Ring users can now track the impact of their meditation sessions to get actionable information about their practice and its effect on their bodies.

Moment builds on Oura Ring’s sleep tracking features, which provide users with information about their heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, respiratory rate, and sleep stages, producing a daily Sleep Score and Readiness Score. By analyzing a user’s trends over time, the Oura app is able to suggest an optimal sleep schedule, advise on recovery, and confirm readiness for physical training.

Moment Details

  • Moment quantifies mindful moments and meditation practices to illustrate the link between mind and body like never before
  • HRV data encourages users to self-study how different meditation sessions affect them physiologically, leading to an optimized routine
  • Users experiment with their practice to see how choices like increasing or decreasing time spent meditating effects resting heart rate and heart rate variability
  • Moment was designed to be versatile because mindfulness is personal — there is no right or wrong way to take a breather
  • No prescriptive programs or must-follow instructions; can be used with the user’s favorite guided meditation app or video, or to develop a freeform practice


“As a society, we’ve become more distracted than ever and it’s wearing on our bodies and minds. Sleep and meditation are investments in our future self which helps bring more connection, awareness, and presence into our lives.” -Harpreet Rai, CEO, Oura Ring

“What I’ve appreciated the most about the Oura Ring is that simply wearing it is a powerful reminder of how important sleep is to my health. Now with the Moment feature, I have a great reminder of my meditation practice, and one that will help me understand how I’m doing.” -Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO Twitter and Square

“Building the life you want takes focus, work, resiliency, inspiration, and support. Sustaining YOU is about rest and recovery. My Oura Ring helps me better understand how well I’m taking care of myself while I sleep at night and during my mindful moments during the day.” -Natalie Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO, Boss Babe Inc.

“I use an Oura Ring to fine-tune the biggest human hack everyone should use… An amazing night of sleep. We often sacrifice the only thing that helps us be the best we can be. Thanks to the new Moment feature in the app, I can now track my naps, meditation and body status at any moment of the day. Owning 5 different companies, I can find myself being in the middle chaos quite often. I love taking a moment to breathe and calm down to come back stronger for our team. Being able to see my HRV and heart rate tracking helps me improve the way I recharge in a short period of time.” -Marc Fitt, serial entrepreneur and world-class fitness model

“As a busy mom, I sometimes find myself caught up in the roller coaster of life. Oura Ring’s new Moment meditation tracking inspires me to commit to taking a few minutes out of the day just for me, to rest, recharge and connect with my body and mind.”  -Actress and co-founder of RE/SHAPE Ali Landry

“Oura is solving a universal problem of helping people to get enough quality sleep. Moment is a natural adjacency of the Oura Ring into the growing meditation space, and I’m excited that companies like Oura are helping users understand the connection between body and mind.” -Michel Dell, Chairman and CEO Dell Technologies and MSD Capital

Oura Ring Basics

  • The Oura Ring is the most accurate, comfortable and beautiful wearable focused on providing actionable information about sleep and readiness
  • Getting enough restorative sleep is critical for both cognitive and physical health. Oura’s technology allows users to track sleep patterns over time, including how much time is spent in various sleep stages, as well as body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability. Oura then makes recommendations for aligning activity and sleep schedules with your personal circadian rhythms and nightly restoration patterns.
  • Oura Ring is a market leader in the fast-growing wearable health tech market (projected at $22 billion by 2022) and with Moment is expanding further into the $4.2 trillion global wellness market. To date, Oura Rings have tracked over ten million nights of sleep for more than 75,000 users in 70 countries.

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