Oura provides a complimentary sizing kit with your purchase of a ring.

Using our sizing kit, read through the tips below to determine the right ring size for you.

Ring Size Kit

1. Try a Few Fingers

Take the time to try the ring sizers on different fingers. Switch sizes, switch fingers, and find the most comfortable combination for you. Oura is built for any finger, so find the right balance of style and comfort to fit your lifestyle.

2. Sleep on It

Believe it or not, your finger sizes change throughout the day. To maximize comfort, try wearing your ring sizer for 24 hours—allowing yourself to get a feel for any changes in your finger size.

Ideally, you should find a size that fits more than one finger. It’s ok to switch your ring to a different finger, if need be.

3. Make Sure Your Hands are Warm

Your fingers are at their smallest when your hands are cold. Throw on a sweater or some gloves for a couple of minutes prior to trying on the sizing rings. This will ensure you don’t order a size that becomes uncomfortably tight in the heat.

4. Seek a Snug Fit

If you have large knuckles and thin fingers, pay close attention to the fit of your sizing ring. Find a size that slips over your knuckles but isn’t too loose around the base of your finger.

5. Position the Ring Properly

See those three bumps on the inside of your sizing ring? Those bumps represent Oura’s three infrared sensors. To ensure accuracy, make sure those bumps sit snugly against the palm side of your finger,  in direct contact with your skin.

6. Look For These Signs

Your ring might be too tight if:

  • It’s uncomfortable.
  • It won’t come off without twisting or applying soap/lotion.
  • It won’t turn at all when on the base of your finger, even if you twist it.

Your ring might be too loose if:

  • It slides off when you relax your fingers.
  • It turns or spins freely on the base of your finger.
  • The three sensor bumps aren’t resting against your skin when you relax your fingers.