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Introducing ŌURA. Your new solution for optimal sleep, health and performance.

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A Ring Makes Your Data More Intimate, and Accurate

Say I do to the most accurate wearable available: a ring. Because your fingers have easy-to-sense arteries, we’re able to definitively gather precise data of your body’s vital signals. ŌURA Ring continuously tracks every second, even while you’re sleeping. The result is a total body output of information, from your pulse wave form to your respiratory rate. In total, you can understand your readiness for the day’s challenges.

Ōura Ring
Ōura Ring

It All Starts with Sleep

Sleep quality has profound impact on your daily mental, cognitive and physical performance. As the only device designed to give you a clear, actionable viewpoint on your sleep patterns, the ŌURA Ring lets you understand your body like never before. Our app lets you see your entire night’s sleep cycle – light, deep and REM stages – and makes helpful recommendations so you’re given the best path to balance your life.

Readiness: The New Measure of Health

For every pursuit in life, ŌURA Ring helps you be prepared for what lies ahead.

Sleep better.

Improve sleep quality and maximize your vital restorative periods

Perform better.

Understand when and how to train for the greatest results

Live well.

Stay balanced, and ready, despite hectic work and family life


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