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Oura was founded in Finland in 2013 with a singular focus: to improve the way we live our lives. United by a shared mission to empower people to own their potential, the Oura Team is made up of scientists, engineers, data analysts, researchers, health writers, and more. We are here to help you navigate the vulnerability of health through personal guidance, and we all are unwavering in our commitment to accuracy, validation, and design.
Oura Ring: Blood Oxygen Sensing

Blood Oxygen Sensing (SpO2) on Oura

Now, your Oura Ring is able to analyze and report two key insights: your Average Blood Oxygen and your Breathing Regularity while you sleep.

How To Get Better Sleep

Wondering how to get better sleep? Oura is here to help. Learn 10 tips for better sleep so you can deepen your sleep and feel more restored.

What is HRV Balance?

As an Oura Readiness Score contributor, HRV Balance is generated through a long-term comparison of your personal trends and baseline.

Made for Members

Made for Members: April 2024

Introducing your one-stop-shop to stay up to date with the latest Oura features, made with members in mind.

Oura Labs: A New Innovation Hub for Members

Opt into Oura Labs to gain exclusive access to experimental features, provide feedback, and stay up to date with the latest Oura research.

Live in the Present: 9 Ways to Effectively Do So

You hear these phrases all the time: “Be present,” “Live in the moment,” “The present is life’s best present.” But how do you do this when your mind keeps wandering to yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s worries? 

Woman wearing Oura Ring | How to Train Better Using HRV

How to Train Better Using HRV

Learn how to use your HRV metrics to get the most out of your workouts and your recovery days.

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