All Hours is a series showcasing Oura members from a variety of diverse backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles — an artist-producer, an Olympic athlete, a CEO. Each episode demonstrates how these members turn to Oura to inform the actions, routines, and decisions that impact their health, at all hours of the day.

Meet Jalen Brunson

Two-time National Champion. NBA All-Star. Podcast Host. New York Knick. And Jalen Brunson is just getting started.

Jalen’s rise to stardom in the NBA can be explained in three words: practice makes perfect. From a young age, Jalen’s parents instilled in him a relentless work ethic and a focus on preparation. As he puts it, “I knew I needed to take everything seriously. That goes for sleep. It goes for recovery and eating right. Once I made that commitment, everything kind of fell into place.” 

Today, Jalen’s approach is helping him create highlights on the court and healthy habits off of it. The NBA’s grueling 82-game season is packed with games, practice, travel, events, and more. It doesn’t offer much downtime for rest, so Jalen has turned to Oura Ring to help him prioritize and understand his recovery. He tells us, “Readiness is the most important thing, [to be] mentally and physically ready every single day. Implementing Oura into my life has helped me do that.”

Watch the video below to hear more about how rest and recovery has become a game-changer for Jalen.

On Set With Jalen

On using Oura to develop healthy habits

“Oura has definitely helped me develop habits when it comes to my recovery. To be able to see the data about how I’m recovering, how I’m sleeping, and how ready I am at the click of a button just makes it easier to be more in tune with everything.”

“I think all habits that you have are from repetition. To create a good habit you need to repeat it. It may take a while, but once you get to that point where it’s natural, it feels like clockwork.”

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Jalen Brunson shooting hoops wearing Oura RingOn the importance of sleep during the NBA season

“The season takes a really big toll on your mind and body. So sleep is obviously really important. You’re always traveling, playing back-to-backs, landing at 2 a.m. and going to hotels. Sleep is very important.”

“As long as I’m recovered and as long as I’m sleeping, I’ll be in the right headspace and I’ll be able to get through the season. But it starts with your mentality and everything that goes into your recovery, your sleep and your mental readiness.”

On how he wears Oura Ring

“I definitely enjoy wearing my ring. The best thing is that it can go with any outfit you put on. It looks good. It’s unique. It’s perfect for me because I love how simple it is. It’s not bulky. It’s really slim. It feels like nothing is there.”

“Sometimes when I don’t have my wedding ring on me, I can just switch it over to my ring finger.”

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