All Hours is a new series showcasing Oura members from a variety of diverse backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles — an artist-producer, an Olympic athlete, a CEO. Each episode demonstrates how these members turn to Oura to inform the actions, routines, and decisions that impact their health, at all hours of the day.

Meet Charlie Rocket

Episode 3 of All Hours features Charlie Rocket, a music industry vet who has founded multimillion-dollar brands and won a Grammy and an Emmy award. But as his career sky-rocketed, his health suffered. Weighing over 300 pounds, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which propelled him to retire from his music career. He worked hard to get his health back on track, and achieved his life-long dream of becoming an athlete. 

Now, through his Dream Machine Foundation, Charlie empowers people who’ve fallen on hard times to achieve their own dreams. In this episode, Charlie shares how the diagnosis changed his life, and how he turned to Oura to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, while giving back to those in need.  

On Set with Charlie Rocket

On life before Oura:
If I would go to bed at say 11pm, and had to wake up at 5:30am, I’d call it an old-school beast mode. No recovery! Oura helped me realize how little sleep I was actually getting and how it affected my recovery.

Charlie Rocket Wears the Oura RingOn his brain tumor diagnosis:
That is what brought me back to reality, facing death. When you’re about to die you don’t think, “Oh I made money,” you think about the things you wish you had done, and for me, it was being an athlete and truly helping those around me. So, I left music and chased my dreams. I lost 130 pounds and experienced life in the highest-definition way possible.

On using Oura to light the way:
Health is like going into a dark forest without a flashlight. The Oura Ring has been my flashlight. Recovery isn’t celebrated as much as it should be. My Readiness Score is such a powerful thing. I don’t know how I slept last night unless I look at that chart. Now immediately because I have that number, I can make a wise decision. Once my body is relaxed, that allows me to go into the future.

On his mission and goal in life:
I like to go out into the world and give love. When you receive blessings, you can give people blessings. If I can pick up somebody else, and get them closer to their dreams, I know all my dreams will come true.


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