Take a Moment

Check-in with yourself with on-demand insights.

Download the latest version of Oura's app and take a Moment today.

Take a break with guided or unguided meditation or rest sessions.
During your session, Oura monitors important health data – like resting heart rate and heart rate variability.
At the end of the session, you’ll see your data trends and the impact of your session.

Meet Moment

Moment lets you check-in with your body at any time during the day.

Choose a guided or unguided rest or mediation session, set the time and be still.

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“Now with the Moment feature, I have a great reminder of my meditation practice and one that will help me understand how I’m doing.”

JACK DORSEY, Founder and CEO, Twitter and Square.

“My Oura Ring helps me better understand how well I’m taking care of myself while I sleep at night and during my mindful moments during the day.”

NATALIE ELLIS, Co-Founder and CEO, Boss Babe Inc.

“Thanks to the new Moment feature in the app, I can now track my naps, meditation and body status at any moment of the day.”

MARC FITT, Serial entrepreneur and world-class fitness model

Three ways to take a Moment

Presence for meditation

We partnered with our friends at Oak to include guided meditation sessions to boost your mindfulness.

Rest for unwinding and breathing

Let the experts from Oak coach you through a calming breathing exercise.

Body status for on—demand exercises

Tune in to your body with an unguided session. Just set the timer and be still.

Get Guidance

Find out that Moment is all about
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