Q: How does a bad night of sleep make you feel?

A: “I think when I get bad sleep, my day just doesn’t go smoothly. You wake up feeling groggy. You feel like you’re always trying to find your groove in the day. It’s kinda just like a trickle-down effect for the rest of the day. So, you could definitely tell the difference between days where you get bad sleep. You don’t have the same kind of energy and bounce.

Those days you get bad sleep, and you go in and train, it’s hard to get it going. Your body doesn’t have the same amount of strength that it would on a day where you did get good sleep. To be honest with you, over the years, I’ve realized there’s nothing like sleep.”

Q: How has having your Oura Ring helped the way you train?

A: “I’ve never been a good sleeper. Pretty much since I was a kid, I stayed up late playing video games or whatever it was. I just never really got much sleep. And then, you know, as I started training more and more, I found that the days where I got to bed early I had a lot more energy and fluidity. And throughout the last eight to nine months of rehab discovering when I should push or hold back has been good. That’s a hard balance to find.”

Q: When do you check in with your Oura App?

A: “I check the app in the morning after I get up mostly, but there’s no specific time always. It’s just kind of whenever I feel like it would be a good time. I check to see what my HRV is, how I slept, how many hours — those kinds of things. Then I just go about my day with my ring.”

Q: Why Oura? What makes it stand out for you?

A: “I remember when I first was looking at it, I just could never understand how technology could have been placed inside of a ring to track your body temperature, your sleep, your balance, and everything else. It’s truly incredible.

For me, wearing my Oura Ring is completely different than any other tool I’ve come across. It just feels effortless. I could slip it on anytime and put it back at any time. t’s something that I wear every single day. I could wear it under my gloves at practice. It doesn’t take up too much space. I’m definitely a big fan of my Oura Ring, and it’s helped me out a lot through my training and in my day-to-day life.”