Stories: Behind the Insights

Oura’s health metrics have one source of truth—the people. Go behind the insights, and read more about the people who use Oura to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

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It’s Not Weird

The Oura Community contains multitudes. With unique individuals and unique journeys come new and distinct tips, tricks, and routines. Some might seem weird, but in the Oura Community, it’s not weird if it works. 

Oura Helped Me Discover My Thyroid Issue

Jyoti is passionate about working with products at the intersection of hardware and software. What she didn’t expect was for it to sound the alarm on her health.

Oura Helped Me Have An Active Pregnancy

Laura originally purchased her Oura Ring to help with training and recovery but realized soon after becoming pregnant that the patterns it revealed could uniquely help her with her pregnancy journey.

Oura Helps Athletes Maximize Performance With HRV4Training

Marco Altini is the founder of HRV4Training, an app and web platform that combines training load with heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) data from devices like Oura to help athletes monitor the effectiveness of their training routines. 

Family and Oura

Oura Helps Us Stay on Top of Our Health & Brings Us Closer Together as a Family

Sean, Sudha, and Henry are a family of three currently living in Redwood City, CA. They are part of the small subgroup in the Oura community of families where each member is an Oura user, and they sat down with us to talk about their individual Oura experiences and how Oura brings them closer together as a family. 

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