7 Ways to Get More REM Sleep

Looking to get more REM? Check out these tips and the science behind getting more Zzzs.

5 Ways to Get More Deep Sleep

Science-backed tips to make sure your body’s not skimping on deep sleep.

7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

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How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

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Oura user wedding ring and Oura ring

Oura Helped Me Get Better Sleep When I Share A Bed With My Partner

"I love my partner, but once we got married and started sharing a bed every night, it made me remember how great my past sleep was. Getting an Oura Ring really helped me validate what I had been feeling: my sleep sucks - even when I am in bed for a full eight hours."

Stressed? Anxious? REM Sleep Can Be Your Mind’s Reset Button

With a population as anxiety-ridden as ours, thousands of remedies have circulated online, in our extended families, or on our new favorite Netflix original series, but, like thousands of anything, it can get overwhelming.

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