At Oura, we are constantly looking to improve both our products and the overall Oura experience. To enhance the accuracy of your ring even further, we have introduced a new and improved sleep staging algorithm.

What Makes Oura Better?

  1. A fine-tuned sleep algorithm for even more accurate sleep insights and trends.
  2. The new sleep algorithm brings Oura even closer to sleep laboratory accuracy in showing detailed data on your nightly sleep, but, unlike in sleep laboratories, Oura delivers data automatically every night through a comfortable ring.
  3. We use every metric. Most wearables use just a few body signals to determine your sleep stage. Oura’s unique ability to leverage movement, temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and mathematical modeling that incorporates known sleep patterns (e.g, REM sleep tends to occur later in the night) results in state-of-the-art sleep staging accuracy.
  4. One of the main limitations of current academic research and commercial products is that sleep staging algorithms are developed on limited data (typically 20-30 nights) and uniform populations. To counteract that limitation, Oura has developed our newest algorithm by actively building one of the largest sleep datasets to date. The dataset has already reached 770 nights of PSG and Oura Ring data from sleep labs all over the world.

Stay Tuned

Coming to Gen 3 in 2022. Stay tuned for more information!