Olympic Champion & Entrepreneur, Lindsey Vonn, sat down with us to discuss her life, her work, and her Oura journey.

Q: How did you get introduced to the Oura Ring?

A: “I first got introduced to Oura through friends. I have a lot of friends that are kind of in the tech space, and as a former athlete, I’m always looking for things to help my performance and my recovery. And it was a perfect fit for me. So, I started using it and immediately got addicted to my Readiness Score, knowing how well I sleep, and all of the details Oura gives me. And I’ve never taken it off ever since.”

Q: Have you noticed any changes in your Oura data based on your lifestyle?

A: “What changes my sleep the most is the altitude. When I go from low altitude to high altitude, especially after traveling, you know, it takes me a few days to get the right amount of sleep. And so I’ve kind of been backing off my workouts when I initially come to Utah, and then I slowly ease my way in. It’s a good way for me to, you know, make sure I’m maintaining my Readiness Score and am able to do all the other work that I needed to do besides working out.”

Q: How do you use Oura, and how do you see it benefiting others?

A: “I use my Oura RIng to make sure that I’m keeping my balance. When I’m working, or when I’m working out, I have a lot of stress. I’m always doing something, and if I can have more information, then I’m able to manage that stress better and keep a balance in my life. So Oura is critical in my life and in my work to make sure that I’m staying healthy and happy.”

Q: How do you feel Oura can benefit other women?

A: “One of the main reasons why I wanted to be a part of Oura is because of the power it brings to women everywhere. 

So, Oura is providing something to women that I think is long overdue and can help women of any age. But I think specifically if you’re really trying to get pregnant and potentially at a later age in life, it can be incredibly valuable. I’ve never had information like this, and most women don’t know a lot about the things that go on every day in their bodies. Knowledge is power, you know? So, the more knowledge you have, the better you can adapt and live your life to the highest potential. I think women can really use Oura information in a very productive and positive way.”

Q: Any final thoughts to give to the Oura Community?

A: “I definitely tell as many people as I can about the Oura Ring because I think the information that it provides is an attainable luxury that will improve your daily life and your health in general. It’s such an amazing tool that again is very attainable for everyone. And this information is only going to help you in your life every day.”