The Oura Community contains multitudes. With unique individuals and unique journeys come new and distinct tips, tricks, and routines. Some might seem weird, but in the Oura Community, it’s not weird if it works. 

Here’s one example to get you started, but don’t worry, in this community, there’s never a shortage of wonderfully eccentric stories and people. 

Sleeping in Below Freezing Temperatures

Joel L. slept in -20°C conditions, and when he woke up the next morning he discovered that his arctic slumber had maximized his deep sleep and HRV.

“Best biohacks are often free. By simply sleeping outside in -20°C. Max HRV 151 ms, which is probably my all time high or at least very close to it. 2 hours of deep sleep.”

Sleep Temperature

Higher HRV is associated with good overall fitness and recovery, and deep sleep is a key restorative sleep stage — not bad for below freezing.

What Do You Do?

We all have those special quirks, routines, or practices that — even if we can’t explain why — just work. So what’s one of yours? Share your unique routines here, check back in for more community examples, and remember . . . it’s not weird if it works.