Naume Guveya

Naume Guveya

Naume is a content strategist and writer for B2B and B2C brands. She has helped various brands achieve sustainable growth through tailored content marketing strategies and high-converting content. Besides being passionate about holistic health, few things bring her more joy than telling stories that inspire people to live better, healthier lives.

How Sleeping Heart Rate Varies by Age 

Your resting heart rate varies throughout your life for several reasons. Here, gain a clearer understanding of the average resting heart rate by age.

Why Is My Heart Rate High in the Morning?

Having an elevated heart rate when you wake up can inspire all kinds of questions. Here's a primer on what to do when this happens.

Woman wearing Oura Ring while sleeping

6 Sleep Apnea Myths, Debunked

Despite the prevalence of the condition, there are many sleep apnea myths — here, uncover the truth behind six common ones.

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