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Josh Godwin

Josh is a Senior Writer at Oura with a passion for telling authentic stories and helping people live their best and healthiest lives.

How to Adjust to Daylight Saving Time Changes

If your one of the millions feeling out of step during Daylight Saving Time, check out these tips to help prepare your mind and body for the time change.

Oura Partners With USA Surfing for Their Olympic Debut

As USA Surfing heads into their Olympic debut, kicking off their season, surfers will use Oura Ring to monitor their sleep and recovery. By delivering personalized Readiness, Activity, and Sleep insights and guidance directly to their apps, Oura will help surfers stay present, improve performance, and maximize recovery. 

7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Want to improve your sleep and build healthy habits that can last a lifetime? Put these 7 tips to the test.

How to Make 2021 About You & Your Health

The calendar striking 2021 brings a new opportunity to make positive personal change and regain our mental resilience. But there’s one important question we are all asking ourselves: “Where do I start?” The answer? With You. 

Stressed? Anxious? REM Sleep Can Be Your Mind’s Reset Button

With a population as anxiety-ridden as ours, thousands of remedies have circulated online, in our extended families, or on our new favorite Netflix original series, but, like thousands of anything, it can get overwhelming.