Oura is excited to announce a partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, in which Oura Ring will be provided to team members to help them reach optimal cognitive and physical performance during races.

When it comes to Formula One, Red Bull Racing has always emphasized the impact nutrition and physical fitness have on performance, but if their team truly wants to be ‘on the limit’ each and every race, they need to shift their focus beyond just the physical. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. 

With Oura on board as their first-ever Official Health Technology, Red Bull Racing is turning to the most accurate and credible health technology to take their performance to the next level. By leveraging Oura’s personalized Readiness, Activity, and Sleep insights, Red Bull Racing hopes to optimize recovery and focus on boosting cognitive performance.

Just a 10th of a second improvement in reaction time can be the difference between coming in first or going home empty-handed, and Christian Horner, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team Principal, knows how important Oura is to gaining that edge:

“Formula One is constantly evolving with new technology, and we never stop searching for extra performance that will give us an edge. We’re delighted to begin this new partnership with Oura, who offers us just that.”

Red Bull Racing’s desire to unlock this edge works seamlessly with Oura’s unique ability to provide a holistic picture of a person’s health, and Harpreet Singh Rai, Oura’s CEO, reinforces this idea:

“Red Bull Racing is an ambitious team with a desire to continuously improve its skills as it chases race victories. We believe Oura can play an essential role in prioritizing the impact that sleep has on mental clarity, reaction time, and peak physical performance for the Red Bull Racing team, so they don’t miss a beat of the Formula One season.” 

An often overlooked aspect of race preparation that Oura will help bring to the forefront is sleep. Quality sleep is not only key to improved physical performance; it also ensures the mind is rested and ready come race day. However, sleep’s importance is not lost on Christian Horner:

“In a year where health is front of mind, across the business, undoubtedly there is an even greater emphasis on well-being and all-around health. We don’t encourage a set amount of sleep time as everyone has different routines but our wellness coach does advise traveling team members on how to manage jet lag and encourage regular sleep patterns. Sleep is incredibly important to all team members, especially those traveling to race events between different time zones on a regular basis. We work in an incredibly high pressure and fast-moving environment and we need everyone, not just the drivers, in peak condition, and able to think clearly, especially in high-pressure situations. Anything that helps the Team stay fit and healthy is hugely beneficial to us and our Team performance.”

With Oura by their side, Red Bull Racing can stay ‘on the limit’ both on and off the circuit.