Oura has partnered with the World Surf League (WSL), the home of the world’s best surfing, to provide Oura Ring to help surfers safely return to competition. 

As the WSL kicks off the Australian leg of the Championship Tour (CT), surfers and on-site staff can opt-in to receive an Oura Ring to monitor their health. Throughout the competition, the WSL will also use the Oura Health Risk Management (HRM) platform to help with its robust COVID health and safety protocols for each event. The HRM platform assigns a unique “Risk Score” to participating athletes and staff members that correlates with an individual’s overall wellness. In the event that someone’s score dips below certain levels, Oura will send an alert directly to the individual to let them know.  

And both the Oura Team and the WSL couldn’t be more excited about the partnership.

“Oura is a perfect fit for the World Surf League as we kick off the Australia leg of the Championship Tour,” said Bob Kane, General Counsel, World Surf League. “We’re excited to add Oura Ring to our global COVID health and safety plans while also providing our surfers and staff a great tool to help them make better-informed decisions about their training and recovery.”

Harpreet Singh Rai, Oura CEO, reinforces this enthusiasm:

“We’re thrilled to join the World Surf League in its efforts to provide surfers and staff with accurate data and insights to help them understand and improve their health. We believe Oura can play an essential role in prioritizing the impact that sleep has on physical performance and are excited to support these efforts, especially in a time when health and safety are of the utmost importance.”

As Harpreet alluded to, though Oura Ring will play significant roles in the WSL’s COVID health and safety protocols, they will also be important performance-optimization tools for the surfers. With personalized Readiness, Activity, and Sleep insights delivered directly to their Oura Apps each day, surfers will have actionable data personalized to their bodies and goals. Knowing that their health and safety are top priority, participating surfers will be empowered to focus more attention on finding their competitive edge, leveraging their Oura data to improve their cognitive and physical performance.

Lakey Peterson, Professional Surfer and avid Oura Ring member, said it best:

“Oura has been a game-changer for my overall performance. It’s been amazing to take a deeper look into my sleep and what is affecting it.”

Lakey Peterson

“As a professional athlete and having increased training demands, Oura really allows me to monitor recovery levels and get a true understanding of how to enhance sleep and recovery.”

And with this partnership, Oura hopes to have a similar impact on the lives and performance of all participating surfers and staff.