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Emilina Lomas

Emilina is a Health Writer for the Pulse Blog at Oura. She’s a nutritionist and personal trainer who has worked as a health writer for the past seven years. Emilina has written for leading health brands like Nike, F45, Quest Nutrition, and Gold’s Gym, and has been featured in CNBC, Business Insider, Health.com, and many more.

8 Myths About HRV, Debunked

Clear up common misconceptions about this biometric and get the facts straight from one of the leading experts on HRV. 

8 Ways to Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Take control of your heart health with these research-backed strategies, and monitor your progress with Oura to make the journey easier. 

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7 Must-Know Facts About Heart Disease in Women

Learn why cardiovascular disease in women is more common (and more deadly) than you may think; plus essential steps to protect your heart for the long run.

How Sleep Impacts Your Skin & Appearance

Your nightly shuteye bestows powerful effects on your skin, complexion, and appearance. Learn more about the beauty benefits of sleep here.

How Does Menopause Affect Sleep? 

Sleep disturbances may be common during menopause, but you’re not destined to sleep badly forever. Here’s how to improve your sleep during this transitional time.   

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