Make every workout count by syncing Oura with Apple Health.

You can sync data between Oura and your other health and activity apps by connecting Oura with Apple Health. Enable this connection during your initial setup or later on in your Oura settings.

Getting Started

To start importing activities from Apple Health, enable the connection in your Oura settings:

  1. Open Oura.
  2. Locate Settings in the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of the home tab.
  3. Select Apple Health.
  4. Select which data you want to sync.

To ensure workouts from your favorite apps are imported to Oura, make sure they are also connected to Apple Health.

This is an opt-in only feature.

Importing Workout Data from Apple Health to Oura

Data go in both directions between Oura and Apple Health. This flow includes any other third-party apps connected to Apple Health (e.g., Medisafe or Zoma).

Based on your preferences, Oura can export the following:

  • Personal information: height and weight
  • Sleep details: bedtime, wake time, total sleep, resting heart rate at night, respiratory rate at night
  • Activity details: calories burned through low-, medium-, and high-intensity activities
  • Mindful minutes: Moment sessions tagged “Meditation” or “Breathing”

Based on your preferences, Oura can import the following:

Personal information: height and weight
Workout details: activity type, start time, duration, and calories

When Oura detects a new activity from Apple Health, it will appear on both your home and Activity tabs. You also have the option to add workouts you completed while not wearing your ring.

Your Apple Health data syncs only after opening Oura.

Managing Your Data Imports

Oura only imports data for workouts completed on the current day. Workouts from previous days cannot be imported.

If workouts imported from Apple Health include calorie data that exceeds Oura’s measures, those calories will be added to Oura’s calorie burn estimates. Imported calorie data cannot be changed in Oura. To edit calorie details, use the original app used to track your workout.

If the imported workout does not include calorie data, you can manually adjust the workout intensity (low, medium, or high) in Oura to better estimate your calorie burn.

Understanding Calorie Calculations From Imported Workouts

Workout apps use different methods to estimate your calorie burn.

Oura only logs active calories as part of your Activity Goal—meaning the extra calories that you burn during exercise beyond your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calorie burn. Some workout apps include both your active calories and BMR in their calculations for calories burned during a workout.

Fitness apps that take BMR into account when calculating calorie burn for a workout will export this calorie count to Apple Health. As a result, their calorie burn values may be slightly higher compared to those Oura provides.